Artist copying the painting called The Dance Lesson by Edward Degas at the National Gallery Museum
Feb 08, 2023

Generative AI on Trial, Text-to-Music Pumps Up the Volume, Robotaxis Face Headwinds, Mitigating AI Risk

The Batch - AI News & Insights: Generative AI companies are being sued over their use of data (specifically images and code) scraped from the web to train their models. Once trained, such models can generate, on demand, images in a given artist’s style or code that executes particular tasks.
Person sitting on the floor and reading a book in a giant library
Feb 01, 2023

Tesla's Deceptive Demo, Image Generator Pays Artists for Training Data, AI Cheat Bedevils Esports, Language Models Defy Logic

The Batch - AI News & Insights: Recent successes with large language models have brought to the surface a long-running debate within the AI community: What kinds of information do learning algorithms need in order to gain intelligence?
Mathematics for Machine Learning Specialization video teaser
Jan 25, 2023

Microsoft and OpenAI Forge $10 Billion Deal, Google Challenges ChatGPT, CNET Trusts Untrustworthy Text Generator, China Restricts Deepfakes

The Batch - AI News & Insights: Today DeepLearning.AI is launching the Mathematics for Machine Learning and Data Science Specialization, taught by the world-class AI educator Luis Serrano. In my courses, when it came to math, I’ve sometimes said, “Don’t worry about it.”...
Illustration of two red and blue toy robots fighting with a yellow background
Jan 18, 2023

Generated Code Makes Overconfident Programmers, China's Autonomous Drone Carrier, Does Bot Therapy Require Informed Consent?, Mining for Green Tech

The Batch - AI News & Insights: In late December, Google reportedly issued a “code red” to raise the alarm internally to the threat of disruption of its business by large language models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Do large language models (LLMs) endanger Google's search engine business?
Colorful flower meadow
Jan 11, 2023

ChatGPT Backlash, Face Recognition to Settle Scores, Deepfakes Versus Customer Service, Segmented Images Without Labeled Data

The Batch - AI News & Insights: Will the future of large language models limit users to cutting-edge models from a handful of companies, or will users be able to choose among powerful models from a large number of developers?...
Concept cloud of the LinkedIn and Twitter discussions generated by AI Fund senior AI advisor Carlos Alzate
Jan 04, 2023

Data Shortage?!, Precision-Guided Image Generation, Transparency for AI Vendors, AI in the Office

The Batch - AI News & Insights: In last week’s issue of The Batch, Yoshua Bengio, Alon Halevy, Douwe Kiela, Been Kim, and Reza Zadeh shared their hopes for AI in 2023. I also asked people on Twitter and...
Andrew Ng on a couch with a cup of coffee and a book
Dec 28, 2022

Hopes for 2023 from Yoshua Bengio, Been Kim, Douwe Kiela, Reza Zadeh, Alon Halevy

The Batch - AI News & Insights: As we enter the new year, let’s view 2023 not as a single year, but as the first of more in which we will accomplish our long-term goals. Some results take a long time to achieve...
Illustration of an oasis in the middle of a field covered in snow
Dec 21, 2022

Top AI Stories of 2022: AI Gets Creative, Relief for Coders, Language Models You Can Trust, One Model to Do Them All, Vision Transformers Bust Loose

The Batch - AI News & Insights: As the winter holiday approaches, it occurs to me that, instead of facing AI winter, we are in a boiling-hot summer of AI.
A red Facebook dislike button surrounded by dozens of Facebook like buttons
Dec 14, 2022

FIFA World Cup's AI Referee, Apple Car Downshifts, Lensa AI Disrobes Users, Language Model Consults Database

The Batch - AI News & Insights: What should be AI’s role in moderating the millions of messages posted on social media every day? The volume of messages means that automation is required. But the question of what is appropriate moderation versus inappropriate censorship lingers.
Question asked by Andrew Ng and answered by the latest version of ChatGPT
Dec 07, 2022

ChatGPT Mania, Crypto Fiasco Defunds AI Safety, Alexa Makes Up Stories, Vision Model Looks Into the Future

The Batch - AI News & Insights: One of the dangers of large language models (LLMs) is that they can confidently make assertions that are blatantly false. This raises worries that they will flood the world with misinformation. If they could moderate their degree of confidence appropriately...
Screen capture of WhyLabs functioning
Nov 30, 2022

Billboards Are Watching, City Goes Algorithmic, Auto-Translation for Unwritten Language, New Views of 3D Scenes Pronto!

The Batch - AI News & Insights: On Monday, the European Union fined Meta roughly $275 million for breaking its data privacy law. Even though Meta’s violation was not AI specific, the EU’s response is a reminder that we need to build AI systems that preserve user privacy — not just to avoid fines...
Screen capture of Galactica demo
Nov 23, 2022

Artists Rebel Against AI, One Weird Trick Beats Go Model, Neural Nets Vs. Decision Trees, More Bang Per Chip

The Batch - AI News & Insights: Last week, Facebook’s parent company Meta released a demo of Galactica, a large language model trained on 48 million scientific articles. Two days later, amid controversy regarding the model’s potential to generate false or misleading...
Earth globe crowded with people
Nov 16, 2022

Trends in 2022, AI Isn't So Bad for Jobs, Price Optimization Vs. Price Hike, Visual Reasoning Advances

The Batch - AI News & Insights: The population of Earth officially reached 8 billion this week. Hooray! It’s hard to imagine what so many people are up to. While I hope that humanity can learn how to leave only gentle footprints on the planet...
Photograph of light at the end of a tunnel
Nov 09, 2022

Safety or Surveillance?, What Businesses Want from AI, Right-Sizing Models, AI-Driven Aquaculture

The Batch - AI News & Insights: The economic downturn of the past six months has hit many individuals and companies hard, and I’ve written about the impact of rising interest rates on AI. The effects of high inflation, the Russian war in Ukraine, and an economic...
Generative AI Brings Big Bucks, Assessing Ukraine War Damage, Candidates Target Voters, Translating 1,000 Languages
Nov 02, 2022

Generative AI Brings Big Bucks, Assessing Ukraine War Damage, Candidates Target Voters, Translating 1,000 Languages

The Batch - AI News & Insights. A new report from UN Climate Change says that the world might be on track for 2.5 °C of warming by the end of the century, a potentially catastrophic level of warming that’s far above the 1.5 °C target of the 2015 Paris Agreement.

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