What is The Batch

The Batch delivers weekly AI news and insights to help readers keep up with this rapidly changing field. It offers an authoritative perspective that's enlightening to both beginners and experts — along with a dash of fun.

Why should you subscribe to The Batch?

If you're an AI practitioner, leader, or enthusiast, The Batch tells you what matters in AI right now. It's the best way to keep up on how AI is affecting the world, look under the hood at new products and services, and get easy-to-understand summaries of innovative research.

Who is The Batch for?

The Batch is aimed at aspiring and active practitioners of machine learning. It's also valuable for executives, enthusiasts, and people who simply want to understand the current reality of AI. In the spirit of reaching people who are both new to the subject and deeply familiar with it, it's written in simple language that's true to the technical realities of the field.

What makes The Batch different

  • Efficiency

    The Batch delivers a curated selection of top stories, so you don't need to read through countless low-impact or redundant articles.

  • Brevity

    The Batch packs a complete perspective into a concise reading experience, so you don't need to spend so much time keeping up.

  • Depth

    We talk directly to the newsmakers and experienced machine learning engineers to gather an inside perspective. For those who want to dive deeper, The Batch provides links to further information.

  • Easy to consume

    The Batch's format breaks stories into easy-to-consume chunks of the most important information.

  • Easy to understand

    The articles are written in clear language, free of jargon, with brief explanations of less familiar terms along the way.

  • Practical value

    The Batch focuses on the realities of AI — what's actually happening and what it means — so readers can understand the field without getting misled or confused by hype.

  • Expertise

    Every article describes authoritatively how AI systems work, what they do, and how they affect business and society.

  • Andrew Ng

    Every issue includes a personal letter from Andrew Ng, so you'll always know what he's working on and thinking about.

What People Are Saying

Have shared this before, but if you're remotely            interested in AI and Machine Learning for your business....            You have to check out The Batch Newsletter from            the folks at DeepLearning.AI

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