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Architect’s Sketchbook: How a top architecture firm is using generative AI

Architect’s Sketchbook: How a top architecture firm is using generative AI

Text-to-image generators are visualizing the next wave of architectural innovation. Patrick Schumacher, principal architect at Zaha Hadid Architects, explained how the company uses generative AI to come up with ideas. He made the remarks at an industry roundtable called AI and the Future of Design.
Scene from a video game called Rocket League

AI Cheat Bedevils Popular Esport: Gamers are using AI to cheat in Rocket League.

Reinforcement learning is powering a new generation of video game cheaters. Players of Rocket League, a video game that ranks among the world’s most popular esports, are getting trounced by cheaters who use AI models originally developed to train contestants.
Madison Square Garden subway station sign

Looking for Enemies: Concert venues use face recognition to block enemies.

A major company is using face recognition to settle scores. MSG Entertainment, which operates large entertainment venues in several cities in the United States, used face recognition to block its perceived enemies from attending events...
Different screenshots of Create with Alexa feature displayed on a tablet

How Alexa Says Goodnight: Amazon Echo uses generative AI to create bedtime stories.

Too exhausted (or unimaginative) to tell your child a bedtime story? Amazon’s smart displays can spin bespoke tales on demand. A feature called Create with Alexa generates children’s stories complete with illustrations, music, and sound effects on the Amazon Echo Show device.
Screen capture of question in DeviantArt about consent of the use of artwork by AI datasets

Creatives Fight Back: Generative AI from DeviantArt Creates Controversy

Artists are rebelling against AI-driven imitation. DeviantArt, an online community where artists display and sell their work and marketplace for digital art, launched DreamUp, a text-to-image generator that aims to help artists thwart attempts to imitate their styles or works.
AI-generated image of Joe Rogan interviewing Steve Jobs

All Synthetic, All the Time: Joe Rogan Meets Steve Jobs in an AI-Generated Podcast

For the debut episode of a new podcast series, synthesized a 19-minute interview between the rock-star podcaster and late Apple CEO.
Captures from PromptBase

Prompting DALL·E for Fun and Profit: A marketplace for phrases that produce art in DALL·E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion

An online marketplace enables people to buy text prompts designed to produce consistent output from the new generation of text-to-image generators.
Clip from the movie Fall showing one of the protagonists falling from a radio antenna.

Deepfakes Against Profanity: Film Makers of Fall Used AI to Remove F-Words

The filmmakers used technology from Flawless AI to clean up the language, enabling the film to earn a rating that welcomes younger viewers.
Musical waves passing by our brain

Hit Picker: SoundCloud Acquires AI to Predict Hit Music

A neural network may help an online music service to spot songs with the potential to go big. Musiio uses AI to identify specific attributes and qualities in recorded music. Online audio distributor SoundCloud purchased the Singapore-based startup.
Deck of playing cards

Bridge to Explainable AI: AI System Outplays Human Bridge Champions

DeepMind’s AlphaGo famously dominated Go, a game in which players can see the state of play at all times. A new AI system demonstrated similar mastery of bridge, in which crucial information remains hidden.
Gran Turismo Sport race

Fast and Daring Wins the Race: GT Sophy AI model beats humans at Gran Turismo Sport.

Armchair speed demons have a new nemesis. Peter Wurman and a team at Sony developed Gran Turismo Sophy (GT Sophy), a reinforcement learning model that defeated human champions of Gran Turismo Sport, a PlayStation game that simulates auto races right down to tire friction and air resistance.
AI Music in Phone

Remix Master: Apple buys AI Music startup.

Music generated by learning algorithms got a major push with Apple’s acquisition of a startup that makes automated mash-ups. Apple purchased AI Music, a London startup whose software generates new music from existing recordings.
Video showing AI working on a video-game to blast virtual enemies at superhuman speed

Fake Aim: Gamers cheat with AI-powered aim assist.

Gamers looking to cheat in first-person shooters can’t miss with AI-assisted marksmanship. A video-game hack uses computer vision to blast virtual enemies at superhuman speed, Ars Technica reported.

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