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Algorithm Whisperers: What it's like to work as a prompt engineer

Looking for work in AI? Brush up on your language skills. Employers are hiring prompt engineers to write natural-language prompts for AI models, The Washington Post reported. They include Anthropic, Boston Children’s Hospital, and the London law firm Mischon de Reya.
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Data Scientists on Data Science: Data Science Jobs Bring High Satisfaction

A survey of data scientists reveals a field of great opportunities but also room for improvement. The 2022 “State of Data Science” report from Anaconda, maker of a popular Python distribution, surveyed 3,493 students, teachers, and employees.
Illustration shows an AI job searcher heading into the workforce.
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How to Build a Career in AI, Part 7: Optimizing Your Job Search

Every job search is different. Here are some tips from Andrew Ng to increase the odds you’ll find the right position.
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How to Build a Career in AI, Part 6: Job Search Fundamentals

Last week, I wrote about switching roles, industries, or both as a framework for considering a job search. If you’re preparing to switch roles or industries, there’s a lot about your target job that you probably don’t know.
An illustration shows how career changes can be a role switch, an industry switch, or both.
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How to Build a Career in AI, Part 5: Finding Your First AI Job

Andrew Ng presents a framework for job seekers in AI, especially those entering from a different field.
Animated graphs and maps show global hiring trends for AI jobs in the pharma industry.
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AI Jobs Grow in Pharma: Drug Companies are Hiring More Machine Learning Engineers Than Ever

Pharmaceutical companies in several countries are hiring machine learning engineers at increasing rates.
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How to Build a Career in AI, Part 4: How to Sequence Projects to Build a Career

Last week’s letter focused on coming up with AI project ideas, part of a series on how to build a career in the field. This letter describes how a sequence of projects might fit into your career path.
10 most in demand jobs in AI, ML and Big Data
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What AI Employers Want: 10 Most In-Demand Jobs in AI and Machine Learning

A website that aggregates AI jobs revealed the roles that are most in-demand. Ai-jobs.net published its second annual list of the job titles that appeared most frequently in its listings.
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How to Build a Career in AI, Part 3: Choosing Projects

In the last two letters, I wrote about developing a career in AI and shared tips for gaining technical skills. This time, I’d like to discuss an important step in building a career: project work.
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How to Build a Career in AI, Part 2: Learning Technical Skills

Last week, I wrote about key steps for building a career in AI: learning technical skills, doing project work, and searching for a job, all of which is supported by being part of a community. In this letter, I’d like to dive more deeply into the first...
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How to Build a Career in AI, Part 1: Three Steps to Career Growth

The rapid rise of AI has led to a rapid rise in AI jobs, and many people are building exciting careers in this field. A career is a decades-long journey, and the path is not always straightforward.
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A Solid Foundation for a Rewarding Career

Years ago, I had to choose between a neural network and a decision tree learning algorithm. It was necessary to pick an efficient one, because we planned to apply the algorithm to a very large set of users on a limited compute budget.
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Help Wanted: AI Developers - Hiring managers report a shortage of AI talent.

Hiring managers are struggling to find machine learning engineers amid an ongoing, global talent shortage, Business Insider reported. Some employers are going the extra mile to distinguish themselves from competitors in the eyes of potential employees.
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Machine Learning Jobs on the Rise: The fastest-growing jobs in 2022.

Jobs for machine learning engineers are growing fast, according to an analysis by LinkedIn. Machine learning engineer ranks fourth among the 25 fastest-growing job titles in the United States, according to the professional social network’s annual Jobs on the Rise report.
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8 Keys to Building a Career in AI

AI continues to create numerous exciting career opportunities, and I know that many of you aim to develop a career in the field. While taking online courses in technical topics is an important step, being an AI professional requires more than...
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