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Who Will Control Cutting-Edge Language Models?: Why the future is likely to bring more large language models like ChatGPT

Will the future of large language models limit users to cutting-edge models from a handful of companies, or will users be able to choose among powerful models from a large number of developers?
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Generative models are AI's next pillar of value creation: Models like DALL·E and Stable Diffusion are creating a new paradigm for AI applications.

As the winter holiday approaches, it occurs to me that, instead of facing AI winter, we are in a boiling-hot summer of AI.
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What to Do in a Tough Economy: How to Survive and Thrive Amid Economic Uncertainty

The economic downturn of the past six months has hit many individuals and companies hard, and I’ve written about the impact of rising interest rates on AI. The effects of high inflation, the Russian war in Ukraine, and an economic slowdown in China are rippling across the globe...
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The Fate of GPU Prices and What It Means for AI

The rise of AI over the last decade has been powered by the increasing speed and decreasing cost of GPUs and other accelerator chips. How long will this continue? The past month saw several events that might affect how GPU prices evolve.
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How to Reduce Risk and Uncertainty in AI Projects

When I wrote recently about how to build a career in AI, several readers wrote to ask specifically about AI product management: the art and science of designing compelling AI products. I’ll share lessons I’ve learned about this here and in future letters.
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More Data for AI Developers: A New Law Makes it Easier to Scrape the Web

Many AI systems have been built using data scraped from the internet. Indeed, even the cornerstone dataset for computer vision research, ImageNet, was built using images taken from the public internet.
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What Rising Interest Rates Mean for AI, Part 2: Why It Still Makes Sense to Forge Ahead

Last week, I wrote about how rising interest rates are likely to lead investors and other finance professionals to focus on short-term returns rather than longer-term investments.
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What Rising Interest Rates Mean for AI, Part 1: What's Likely to Happen

The United States Federal Reserve Bank has signaled that it will continue to raise interest rates. As one consequence, the stock market is significantly down, particularly tech stocks, relative to the beginning of the year.
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How to Build AI Startups Part 2: Will a Data Moat Protect You?

Last week, I described trends that AI Fund, the venture studio I lead, has seen in building AI startups. I'd like to discuss another aspect of building companies that’s unique to AI businesses: the controversial topic of data moats.
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How to Build AI Startups Part 1: Hard Tech

AI businesses differ from traditional software startups in important ways. For instance, technical feasibility isn’t always clear, product specification is complex, and data is necessary to train and test the system.
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Should Twitter Publish Its Ranking Algorithm?

Last week, Elon Musk launched a surprise attempt to acquire Twitter. The $43-billion bid was motivated, he said, by his desire to protect free speech endangered by the company’s practice of promoting some tweets while burying others.
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Knowing When You Need Help

AI Fund, the venture studio and investment firm that I lead, recently held a summit where CEOs and founders of portfolio companies shared ideas on topics from fundraising to building team culture.
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How to Advocate for AI in Your Organization

Last week, DeepLearning.AI invited a group of learners to our Palo Alto office’s courtyard. We had a good time chatting about paths into AI, career trajectories, applications people were working on, and challenges they were facing.
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AI for Industrial Automation — and Beyond

I’m writing this in Orlando, Florida, where I just spoke at the A3 Business Forum, a group that works to advance industrial automation through AI, robotics, and other tools. This was my first large conference since the pandemic started...
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How To Unlock AI Value

On Monday, Landing AI (where I’m CEO) announced the close of a $57 million Series A funding round. The investment enables the company to continue building its data-centric MLOps platform for computer vision, with a focus on manufacturing visual inspection.

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