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    Latest Issues

    Apr 14, 2021 | Issue 87

    The Batch: Robots Supervise Robots, Bad Labels Plague Datasets, Large Language Models Learn Chinese, Transformers Assimilate GANs

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    Apr 7, 2021 | Issue 86

    The Batch: Doctors Distrust AI, New Life For Old Songs, ImageNet Without Faces, Learning From Random Data

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    Mar 31, 2021 | Issue 85

    The Batch: Tesla Under Investigation, Star Trek: The Chatbot, Attention For Vision Models, Spies Embrace AI

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    Mar 24, 2021 | Issue 84

    The Batch: Networking License Plate Readers, Calling Out Unreproducible Results, Seeing What the Brain Sees, Chatbots Against Depression

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    Mar 17, 2021 | Issue 83

    The Batch: Facebook's Algorithms Under Fire, Voice Clones Invade Entertainment, Old Drugs Fight New Illnesses, Auditors Assess AI

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    Mar 10, 2021 | Issue 82

    The Batch: Bringing Great Great Grandma Back To Life, Drones Play Defense, AI For Business Booms, Synthesizing New Video Angles

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