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Onscreen text shown in a Tesla video from 2026
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Self-Driving Deception: Tesla allegedly misled the public about its self-driving.

Tesla, whose autonomous-vehicle technology has been implicated in a number of collisions, promoted it in a way that apparently was intended to deceive. Tesla deliberately misled the public about its vehicles’ ability to drive themselves, according to Bloomberg and other news outlets.
World map with all countries covered in words except China
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Regulators Target Deepfakes: China's new law limits AI-generated media.

China’s internet watchdog issued new rules that govern synthetic media. Legislation from the Cyberspace Administration of China limits the use of AI to create or edit text, audio, video, images, and 3D digital renderings. The law took effect on January 10.
Open water tap providing sentences instead of water
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Generate Articles, Publish Errors: CNET pauses its practice of writing news articles with AI.

A prominent tech-news website generated controversy (and mistakes) by publishing articles written by AI. CNET suspended its practice of publishing articles produced by a text-generation model following news reports that exposed the articles’ authorship.
Screen capture of KokoBot having a conversation with a patient
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Bot Therapy and Informed Consent: Discord's Kokobot triggers an ethics controversy.

An experiment in using chatbots to dispense mental-health counseling raised questions about ethics.
Footage of Chinese naval ship The Zhuhaiyun
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Autonomous Drone Carrier: Meet Zhuhaiyun, the Chinese Navy's new autonomous ship.

A Chinese naval ship navigates autonomously and controls a swarm of onboard drones. The Zhuhaiyun, billed as the first autonomous drone carrier, officially entered service after 12 hours of trials on open water, the South China Morning Post reported.
Participant responses (Likert-scale) to post-survey questions about belief about OpenAI's Codex
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Generated Code Generates Overconfident Coders: Copilot AI tool encourages programmers to write buggy code.

Tools that automatically write computer code may make their human users overconfident that the programs are bug-free. Stanford University researchers found that programmers who used OpenAI’s Codex, a model that generates computer code, were more likely...
ChatGPT on the right with a forbidden sign as different logos appear on the left
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ChatGPT Backlash: ChatGPT faces backlash over plagiarism fears.

The Batch - AI News & Insights. The breakout text generator faces resistance — even within the AI community. Organizations including the International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) and the New York Department of Education banned OpenAI's ChatGPT...
Moving slide with information about AWS AI Service Cards.
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Transparency for AI as a Service: Amazon introduces service cards to enhance responsible AI.

Amazon published a series of web pages designed to help people use AI responsibly. Amazon Web Services introduced so-called AI service cards that describe the uses and limitations of some models it serves.
3 graphs showing projections of data usage. Each one shows two extrapolations of data usage.
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Will We Have Enough Data?

The world’s supply of data soon may fail to meet the demands of increasingly hungry machine learning models. Researchers at Epoch AI found that a shortage of text data could cause trouble as early as this year. Vision data may fall short within a decade.
Alon Halevy next to a big computer screen
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Alon Halevy - Your Personal Data Timeline: Data timelines will protect your privacy and make AI better.

The important question of how companies and organizations use our data has received a lot of attention in the technology and policy communities. An equally important question that deserves more focus in 2023 is how...
Reza Zadeh photographed during a conference
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Reza Zadeh: Active Learning Takes Off

As we enter the new year, there is a growing hope that the recent explosion of generative AI will bring significant progress in active learning. This technique, which enables machine learning systems to generate their own training examples and request them to be labeled...
Portrait photograph of Been Kim
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Been Kim: A Scientific Approach to Interpretability

It’s an exciting time for AI, with fascinating advances in generated media and many other applications, some even in science and medicine. Some folks may dream about what more AI can create and how much bigger models we may engineer.
Douwe Kiela with a l
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Douwe Kiela: Less Hype, More Caution

This year we really started to see the mainstreaming of AI. Systems like Stable Diffusion and ChatGPT captured the public imagination to an extent we haven’t seen before in our field.
Yoshua Bengio teaching
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Yoshua Bengio - Models That Reason: Yoshua Bengio wants neural nets that reason.

Recent advances in deep learning largely have come by brute force: taking the latest architectures and scaling up compute power, data, and engineering. Do we have the architectures we need, and all that remains is to develop better hardware and datasets so we can keep...
Illustration of three deers doing holiday household chores: washing a champagne flute, cooking pie and wrapping a gift
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One Model Does It All: Multi-task AI models got more sophisticated in 2022.

Individual deep learning models proved their mettle in hundreds of tasks. The scope of multi-task models expanded dramatically in the past year.

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