Join the team working to make AI education accessible to the entire world!

DeepLearning.AI is looking for a Learning Technologist to interact, guide, and support the learners across the platform. We’re looking for someone with a passion for online teaching & learning, improving the learner experience. Assertive communication skills and the ability to work in a team are key for this role. Apply Here.

DeepLearning.AI is looking for a Community & Events Marketing Manager, to spearhead event and experiential marketing that can help engage with our community. We’re looking for a talented leader, communicator, and creative producer that is ready to lead our community and create world-class events to keep our community connected and engaged with each other. Apply Here.

DeepLearning.AI is looking for a Digital Marketing Manager to oversee our digital marketing campaigns, manage our data and analytics platforms, and optimize workflows and processes! We are looking for a strong project manager, communicator, and technical wizard who can work closely with our content, social, events, and community teams.
Apply Here.