Illustration of Andrew Ng, a scary monster coming out of a computer monitor
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Multi-Headed Attention and Other Halloween Horrors

Each year, AI brings wondrous advances. But, as Halloween approaches and the veil lifts between the material and ghostly realms, we see that spirits take advantage of these developments at least as much as humans do.
Illustration of Andrew Ng dressed as a panda holding a bag full of candy
Just For Fun

When the AI and Spirit Worlds Collide

On Halloween, the veil lifts between the spirit and AI worlds, allowing the two to pass through one another. The resulting paranormal — or, as AI practitioners call it, paragaussian — phenomena raise questions like these...
Illustration of a Halloween pumpking on a book
Just For Fun

Happy Halloween! An Alternative AI Glossary

Welcome to this special Halloween issue of The Batch! In AI, we use many challenging technical terms. To help you keep things straight, I would like to offer some definitions that I definitely would not use.
Illustration of a robotic pigeon and a "happy thanksgiving" message from DeepLearning.AI
Just For Fun

AI Topics for Dinner-Table Discussion

I’ll be spending Thanksgiving with Nova and watching her taste turkey for the first time. To those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you spend time with loved ones, reflect on what you are thankful for, and discuss some very important...
Illustration of a ghost
Just For Fun

Why AI Projects Fail, Part 2: Uncommon Pitfalls

Welcome to the Halloween edition of The Batch! I promised last week to share some common reasons for AI project failures. But first, let’s start with some of the least common reasons.

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