Happy Halloween! An Alternative AI Glossary

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Illustration of a Halloween pumpking on a book

Dear friends,

Welcome to this special Halloween issue of The Batch!

In AI, we use many challenging technical terms. To help you keep things straight, I would like to offer some definitions that I definitely would not use. I hope you’ll find this alternative AI glossary a breath of fresh scare:

  • Activation function: An incantation used to raise the dead
  • Dropout: A portal to another dimension that suddenly appears underfoot
  • Early stopping: When you’re tired of collecting candy and you go home to bed
  • Feature extraction: Getting a vampire’s fangs out of your neck
  • Greedy policy: Self-explanatory when trick-or-treating
  • Hinge loss: When the squeaky door falls off of a haunted house
  • Learning rate: How quickly werewolves realize they can’t break down your door but can climb through your window
  • Mini-batch: The amount of candy you have after early stopping
  • Overfit: When you’ve eaten so much Halloween candy you can’t button your clothes
  • Random forest: Where random witches live

Happy Halloween to all who celebrate it. Now let’s get this party started!

Keep learning,



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