When the AI and Spirit Worlds Collide

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Illustration of Andrew Ng dressed as a panda holding a bag full of candy

Dear friends,

On Halloween, the veil lifts between the spirit and AI worlds, allowing the two to pass through one another. The resulting paranormal — or, as AI practitioners call it, paragaussian — phenomena raise questions like these:

What do you call it when it takes repeated practice to make a scary jack-o’-lantern?
A learning carve.

Responsible AI requires being candid about what it can do. Who’s the best person to help with this?
Dr. Frank-enstein.

The ghost of a machine learning engineer visited a museum and defaced all the paintings. Why?
She was implementing image wreck-ognition.

On Halloween night, when kids in costume go from house to house and only get unpopped popcorn, what do you call it?
Kernel trick, or treat.

Keep spooking!


P.S. When my daughter Nova was six months old, I bought her a panda stuffed animal. She liked it, and after many panda-related requests, guess what my Halloween costume is? The lesson for me is: Be careful what presents you give, lest they lead to panda-monium.


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