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10 most in demand jobs in AI, ML and Big Data

A website that aggregates AI jobs revealed the roles that are most in-demand.

What’s new: published its second annual list of the job titles that appeared most frequently in its listings. The site, which pulls from various hiring platforms and sells ads to employers, is maintained by Foorilla, a Zurich-based consultancy.

What they found: The list covers over 100 job titles in more than 2,500 listings posted between June 2021 and June 2022. The rankings are approximate because the listings in the site’s database change by the hour, an representative told The Batch. The snapshot used to compose the rankings is available here.

  • The most common titles were data engineer (555 positions listed), data analyst (418), data scientist (398), and machine learning engineer (177).
  • Autonomous vehicle specialists also were in high demand. Employers sought to fill titles including autonomous vehicle system test specialist (17 positions listed), autonomous vehicle system map specialist (11), and autonomous vehicle operations lead (8).
  • 76 job titles appeared fewer than 10 times. These include financial data analyst (9), machine learning developer (7), and MLOps engineer (4).
  • The top four titles in 2022 were also the most popular in 2021. However, last year the fifth most popular title was big data engineer. This year, the phrase “big data” disappeared from the top 20.

Why it matters: AI jobs continue to proliferate! Machine learning engineer was the fourth-fastest growing U.S. job title on the professional social network Linkedin between January 2017 and July 2021, but demand is growing for many other titles.

We’re thinking: Look at all the times the word “data” appears in the top titles! This speaks to the growing importance of systematically engineering the data used in AI systems.


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