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Repatriating Talent: Lelapa brings AI talent back to Africa.

A South African startup aims to lure talented engineers who left the continent to work abroad. Johannesburg research lab bills itself as a haven for African AI engineers who want to work on challenges that aren’t on Silicon Valley’s agenda.
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Better Pay for Data Workers: Google contractors get a raise.

Contract workers who help train the algorithms behind Google Search won a pay raise. Employees of U.S. contractors who evaluate the quality of Google Search’s results, knowledge panels, and ads will earn $15 per hour, a raise of roughly $1.
A ChatGPT prompt

Algorithm Whisperers: What it's like to work as a prompt engineer

Looking for work in AI? Brush up on your language skills. Employers are hiring prompt engineers to write natural-language prompts for AI models, The Washington Post reported. They include Anthropic, Boston Children’s Hospital, and the London law firm Mischon de Reya.
The scale of justice with one side broken

Microsoft Cuts Ethics Squad: Microsoft eliminates its Ethics & Society unit.

Microsoft laid off an AI ethics team while charging ahead on products powered by OpenAI. On March 6, the tech giant dissolved the Ethics & Society unit in its Cognition group, which researches and builds AI services, amid ongoing cutbacks that have affected 10,000 workers to date...
Inferring Talent: NLP tools for technical recruiters

Inferring Talent: NLP tools for technical recruiters

What do your GitHub projects reveal about your professional prospects? A new model aims to help recruiters find out. analyzes GitHub repositories to help employers find engineers skilled in particular areas, TechCrunch reported.
Some results from the 2022 AI Strategy Report survey by MIT Sloan Management Review.

AI as Officemate: Workers benefit from AI-powered assistance and tools.

Many workers benefit from AI in the office without knowing it, a new study found. MIT Sloan Management Review and Boston Consulting Group surveyed employees on their use of AI in their day-to-day work. Their findings...
Different charts with data from the fifth annual State of AI Report

AI’s Year in Review: Fifth Annual State of AI Report Details 2022's Trends

2022 was a big year for AI-driven upstarts and scientific discovery, according to a new survey. The fifth annual State of AI Report details the biggest breakthroughs, business impacts, social trends, and safety concerns.
Table with job trends for occupations considered high risk for automation from 1999 to 2029

AI Hasn’t Been So Bad for Jobs: Employment Has Risen in Some Automation-Heavy Professions

Worries that automation is stealing jobs may have been greatly exaggerated. A U.S. government report found that employment has increased in many occupations that may be threatened by automation.
Animated chart with different questions from State of Data Science survey

Data Scientists on Data Science: Data Science Jobs Bring High Satisfaction

A survey of data scientists reveals a field of great opportunities but also room for improvement. The 2022 “State of Data Science” report from Anaconda, maker of a popular Python distribution, surveyed 3,493 students, teachers, and employees.
Animated graphs and maps show global hiring trends for AI jobs in the pharma industry.

AI Jobs Grow in Pharma: Drug Companies are Hiring More Machine Learning Engineers Than Ever

Pharmaceutical companies in several countries are hiring machine learning engineers at increasing rates.
10 most in demand jobs in AI, ML and Big Data

What AI Employers Want: 10 Most In-Demand Jobs in AI and Machine Learning

A website that aggregates AI jobs revealed the roles that are most in-demand. published its second annual list of the job titles that appeared most frequently in its listings.
Excerpts from the fifth annual AI Index from Stanford University’s Institute for Human-Centered AI

AI Progress Report: Stanford University's fifth annual AI Report for 2022

A new study showcases AI’s growing importance worldwide. What’s new: The fifth annual AI Index from Stanford University’s Institute for Human-Centered AI documents rises in funding, regulation, and performance.
One sign with a message about being understaffed over a hiring sign for different engineering roles

Help Wanted: AI Developers - Hiring managers report a shortage of AI talent.

Hiring managers are struggling to find machine learning engineers amid an ongoing, global talent shortage, Business Insider reported. Some employers are going the extra mile to distinguish themselves from competitors in the eyes of potential employees.
Robot Stock by country graph

Robots Don’t Want Human Jobs: Countries with high automation have more jobs.

Research challenges long-held assumptions about how automation will affect employment. Studies in various countries found that automation is associated with more jobs, fewer working hours , and higher productivity.
Machine learning engineer newspaper ad

Machine Learning Jobs on the Rise: The fastest-growing jobs in 2022.

Jobs for machine learning engineers are growing fast, according to an analysis by LinkedIn. Machine learning engineer ranks fourth among the 25 fastest-growing job titles in the United States, according to the professional social network’s annual Jobs on the Rise report.

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