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Deep Learning at (Small) Scale: How to run PilotNet on a Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller
Autonomous Vehicles

Deep Learning at (Small) Scale: How to run PilotNet on a Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller

TinyML shows promise for bringing deep learning to applications where electrical power is scarce, processing in the cloud is impractical, and/or data privacy is paramount.
Cruise self-driving car service shown in two angles
Autonomous Vehicles

Robotaxis Face Headwinds: San Francisco pushes back on self-driving cars.

San Francisco officials are pushing back on self-driving taxis in the city after a deluge of public complaints.
Onscreen text shown in a Tesla video from 2026
Autonomous Vehicles

Self-Driving Deception: Tesla allegedly misled the public about its self-driving.

Tesla, whose autonomous-vehicle technology has been implicated in a number of collisions, promoted it in a way that apparently was intended to deceive. Tesla deliberately misled the public about its vehicles’ ability to drive themselves, according to Bloomberg and other news outlets.
Footage of Chinese naval ship The Zhuhaiyun
Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Drone Carrier: Meet Zhuhaiyun, the Chinese Navy's new autonomous ship.

A Chinese naval ship navigates autonomously and controls a swarm of onboard drones. The Zhuhaiyun, billed as the first autonomous drone carrier, officially entered service after 12 hours of trials on open water, the South China Morning Post reported.
Video showing Apple's self-driving car
Autonomous Vehicles

Drive Different: Apple plans self-driving car release for 2026.

Apple is redrawing the road map for its self-driving car. The company is redesigning an autonomous car that has been in development for nearly a decade, Bloomberg reported. Originally intended to be fully autonomous under all conditions, the redesigned vehicle will allow for a human driver.
Animated graphs show statistics for autonomous vehicle collisions.
Autonomous Vehicles

Self-Driving Safety Check: U.S. Government Data Details 2021 Autonomous Vehicle Crashes

The United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) detailed autonomous vehicle collisions over a 12-month period.
Drone delivering package.
Autonomous Vehicles

Where Drones Fly Free: The UK’s Superhighway in the Sky for Drones

Autonomous aircraft in the United Kingdom are getting their own superhighway. The UK government approved Project Skyway, a 165-mile system of interconnected drone-only flight routes.
EU badge in a vehicle's hood
Autonomous Vehicles

Keep Your AIs on the Road: New Law Requires European Vehicles to Come with Automated Features

The European Union passed a law that requires new vehicles to come equipped with automated safety features.
10 most in demand jobs in AI, ML and Big Data
Autonomous Vehicles

What AI Employers Want: 10 Most In-Demand Jobs in AI and Machine Learning

A website that aggregates AI jobs revealed the roles that are most in-demand. published its second annual list of the job titles that appeared most frequently in its listings.
Robotaxis driving on the street
Autonomous Vehicles

When Self-Driving Cars Won’t Drive: Cruise Self-Driving Cars Cause Traffic Jams in San Francisco

Dormant robotaxis are snarling traffic on the streets of San Francisco.What’s new: Cruise self-driving cabs lately have stalled en masse, Wired reported.
Autonomous research ship in the ocean
Autonomous Vehicles

AI AI, Captain! Mayflower AI Ship Crosses the Atlantic Ocean

An autonomous research ship crossed the Atlantic Ocean — with a few pit stops to address challenges along the way. Built by IBM and marine research nonprofit ProMare, the Mayflower Autonomous Ship 400 (MAS400) last week completed a voyage from Plymouth, England, to Plymouth, Massachusetts.
Ingenuity (drone) on Mars
Autonomous Vehicles

More Autonomy for Martian Drone: NASA Upgrades Ingenuity Rover's Navigation Algorithm

The United States space agency is upgrading the system that pilots its helicopter on the Red Planet. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced that Ingenuity, a drone sent to Mars as part of its 2020 mission to Mars, will receive a new collision-avoidance algorithm.
Someone ordering a cab service with an app
Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomy Becomes Autonomous: Beijing Allows Self-Driving Cars From Baidu and Pony

In Beijing, self-driving cars are rolling without a driver behind the wheel. China’s capital city authorized and Apollo Go, a Baidu subsidiary, to deploy self-driving taxis without a human in the driver’s seat.
Alexei Efros
Autonomous Vehicles

Alexei Efros: Learning from the ground up

Things are really starting to get going in the field of AI. After many years (decades?!) of focusing on algorithms, the AI community is finally ready to accept the central role of data and the high-capacity models that are capable of taking advantage of this data.
Illustration of Thumbzilla destroying a city and shooting lightning from its mouth (T-Rex with Facebook thumbs up)
Autonomous Vehicles

Don’t Be Evil: What if AI Enables Corporations to Become Truly Evil?

Tech companies generally try to be (or to appear to be) socially responsible. Would some rather let AI’s negative impacts slide?

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