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AI Trends Tracked: 2023's AI trends from Stanford's AI Index
State of AI

AI Trends Tracked: 2023's AI trends from Stanford's AI Index

Stanford’s sixth annual AI Index takes stock of a rapidly growing field. The sprawling, 386-page report from the Institute for Human-Centered AI presents the past year’s developments in AI based on a wide variety of sources including benchmarks, papers, market research, job listings, and polls.
Results from a poll by Pew Research Center
State of AI

What Americans Want From AI: Pew survey asks 11,000 Americans about AI.

Adults in the United States tend to view AI’s medical applications favorably but are leery of text and image generation. Pew Research Center polled 11,004 U.S. adults for their opinions of AI in science, healthcare, and media.
Different charts with data from the fifth annual State of AI Report
State of AI

AI’s Year in Review: Fifth Annual State of AI Report Details 2022's Trends

2022 was a big year for AI-driven upstarts and scientific discovery, according to a new survey. The fifth annual State of AI Report details the biggest breakthroughs, business impacts, social trends, and safety concerns.
Table with job trends for occupations considered high risk for automation from 1999 to 2029
State of AI

AI Hasn’t Been So Bad for Jobs: Employment Has Risen in Some Automation-Heavy Professions

Worries that automation is stealing jobs may have been greatly exaggerated. A U.S. government report found that employment has increased in many occupations that may be threatened by automation.
Some results from a study performed by the market analyst Forrester
State of AI

What Businesses Want from AI: What Business Managers Want from AI

In a new report, business leaders share their machine-learning successes and struggles. Many businesses plan to increase their use of machine learning, but their efforts so far don’t always yield the results they seek.
Charts from the Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Report
State of AI

Tough Economy Hits AI Startups: Investing Slows in the AI Tech Industry

Venture investors are tapping the brakes on AI amid rising economic uncertainty. In their latest report, market research firm PitchBook documents a sharp reduction in investment in AI startups in the first half of 2022, a time of rising inflation and interest rates.
Animated chart with different questions from State of Data Science survey
State of AI

Data Scientists on Data Science: Data Science Jobs Bring High Satisfaction

A survey of data scientists reveals a field of great opportunities but also room for improvement. The 2022 “State of Data Science” report from Anaconda, maker of a popular Python distribution, surveyed 3,493 students, teachers, and employees.
Animated graphs and maps show global hiring trends for AI jobs in the pharma industry.
State of AI

AI Jobs Grow in Pharma: Drug Companies are Hiring More Machine Learning Engineers Than Ever

Pharmaceutical companies in several countries are hiring machine learning engineers at increasing rates.
10 most in demand jobs in AI, ML and Big Data
State of AI

What AI Employers Want: 10 Most In-Demand Jobs in AI and Machine Learning

A website that aggregates AI jobs revealed the roles that are most in-demand. published its second annual list of the job titles that appeared most frequently in its listings.
Metaverse illustration with Meta AI product names
State of AI

Meta Decentralizes AI Effort: Meta Restructures its AI Research Teams

The future of Big AI may lie with product-development teams. Meta reorganized its AI division. Henceforth, AI teams will report to departments that develop key products.
CB Insights list of 100 notable AI startups
State of AI

Standout Startups: The Top 100 AI Startups off 2022

AI startups are creating high value across a wide variety of industries. CB Insights, which tracks tech startups, published the latest edition of the AI 100, its annual list of 100 notable AI startups.
One sign with a message about being understaffed over a hiring sign for different engineering roles
State of AI

Help Wanted: AI Developers - Hiring managers report a shortage of AI talent.

Hiring managers are struggling to find machine learning engineers amid an ongoing, global talent shortage, Business Insider reported. Some employers are going the extra mile to distinguish themselves from competitors in the eyes of potential employees.
Chart: Technology and investments by country
State of AI

The Global Landscape of AI Power: Study suggests China will dominate AI.

China is poised to become the dominant national power in AI, new research suggests. The Brookings Institution, a nonprofit public-policy think tank, assessed which of 50 countries are best positioned to become AI powerhouses.
Graphs with results of a new study regarding NeurIPS 2014 and its impact on machine learning
State of AI

Conference Paper Choices Under Fire: NeurIPS Failed to Identify High Impact Research

A prestigious machine learning conference failed to highlight the highest-impact research, according to a new study.What’s new: In a retrospective analysis, researchers found that papers accepted to NeurIPS 2014 showed little correlation
Results of survey about how AI Engineers vs US public feel about ethical issues
State of AI

AI Engineers Weigh In on AI Ethics: Survey Shows How AI Engineers Feel About Ethical Issues

Machine learning researchers tend to trust international organizations, distrust military forces, and disagree on how much disclosure is necessary when describing new models, a new study found.

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