Andrew Ng on a couch with a cup of coffee and a book
Dec 28, 2022

Hopes for 2023 from Yoshua Bengio, Been Kim, Douwe Kiela, Reza Zadeh, Alon Halevy

The Batch - AI News & Insights: As we enter the new year, let’s view 2023 not as a single year, but as the first of more in which we will accomplish our long-term goals. Some results take a long time to achieve...
Illustration of an oasis in the middle of a field covered in snow
Dec 21, 2022

Top AI Stories of 2022: AI Gets Creative, Relief for Coders, Language Models You Can Trust, One Model to Do Them All, Vision Transformers Bust Loose

The Batch - AI News & Insights: As the winter holiday approaches, it occurs to me that, instead of facing AI winter, we are in a boiling-hot summer of AI.
A red Facebook dislike button surrounded by dozens of Facebook like buttons
Dec 14, 2022

FIFA World Cup's AI Referee, Apple Car Downshifts, Lensa AI Disrobes Users, Language Model Consults Database

The Batch - AI News & Insights: What should be AI’s role in moderating the millions of messages posted on social media every day? The volume of messages means that automation is required. But the question of what is appropriate moderation versus inappropriate censorship lingers.
Question asked by Andrew Ng and answered by the latest version of ChatGPT
Dec 07, 2022

ChatGPT Mania, Crypto Fiasco Defunds AI Safety, Alexa Makes Up Stories, Vision Model Looks Into the Future

The Batch - AI News & Insights: One of the dangers of large language models (LLMs) is that they can confidently make assertions that are blatantly false. This raises worries that they will flood the world with misinformation. If they could moderate their degree of confidence appropriately...
Screen capture of WhyLabs functioning
Nov 30, 2022

Billboards Are Watching, City Goes Algorithmic, Auto-Translation for Unwritten Language, New Views of 3D Scenes Pronto!

The Batch - AI News & Insights: On Monday, the European Union fined Meta roughly $275 million for breaking its data privacy law. Even though Meta’s violation was not AI specific, the EU’s response is a reminder that we need to build AI systems that preserve user privacy — not just to avoid fines...
Screen capture of Galactica demo
Nov 23, 2022

Artists Rebel Against AI, One Weird Trick Beats Go Model, Neural Nets Vs. Decision Trees, More Bang Per Chip

The Batch - AI News & Insights: Last week, Facebook’s parent company Meta released a demo of Galactica, a large language model trained on 48 million scientific articles. Two days later, amid controversy regarding the model’s potential to generate false or misleading...
Earth globe crowded with people
Nov 16, 2022

Trends in 2022, AI Isn't So Bad for Jobs, Price Optimization Vs. Price Hike, Visual Reasoning Advances

The Batch - AI News & Insights: The population of Earth officially reached 8 billion this week. Hooray! It’s hard to imagine what so many people are up to. While I hope that humanity can learn how to leave only gentle footprints on the planet...
Photograph of light at the end of a tunnel
Nov 09, 2022

Safety or Surveillance?, What Businesses Want from AI, Right-Sizing Models, AI-Driven Aquaculture

The Batch - AI News & Insights: The economic downturn of the past six months has hit many individuals and companies hard, and I’ve written about the impact of rising interest rates on AI. The effects of high inflation, the Russian war in Ukraine, and an economic...
Generative AI Brings Big Bucks, Assessing Ukraine War Damage, Candidates Target Voters, Translating 1,000 Languages
Nov 02, 2022

Generative AI Brings Big Bucks, Assessing Ukraine War Damage, Candidates Target Voters, Translating 1,000 Languages

The Batch - AI News & Insights. A new report from UN Climate Change says that the world might be on track for 2.5 °C of warming by the end of the century, a potentially catastrophic level of warming that’s far above the 1.5 °C target of the 2015 Paris Agreement.
Illustration of a hand coming out of a box to take a candy from a Trick or Treat paper bag
Oct 26, 2022

The Batch: Happy Halloween! Neural Nets Awaken, Foundation Models Go Rogue, Bots Take Over the Office, GPUs Dry Up

The Batch - AI News & Insights. Each year, AI brings wondrous advances. But, as Halloween approaches and the veil lifts between the material and ghostly realms, we see that spirits take advantage of these developments at least as much as humans do.
Illustration of Andrew Ng on a computer searching for "Panda bear" and getting a Paddington instead
Oct 19, 2022

The Batch: U.S. Blocks AI Chip Sales to China, Joe Rogan Meets Steve Jobs (Virtually), Massively Multilingual Translation, Smart Farms

The Batch - AI News & Insights. Is prompt engineering — the art of writing text prompts to get an AI system to generate the output you want — going to be a dominant user interface for AI?
Scanner over a collage of images
Oct 12, 2022

The Batch: Text-to-Video Explodes, Faster Fast Food, Regulating Medical AI, Coordinating Hurricane Relief

The Batch - AI News & Insights. For the past decade, the rise of AI has been powered by the increasing speed and decreasing cost of GPUs and other accelerator chips. How long will this continue? The past month saw several events that might affect how GPU prices evolve.
Iteration process chart
Oct 05, 2022

The Batch: DALL·E for Video, AI Startup Funding Falls, What the Dark Side of the Moon Looks Like, Modeling Spoken Conversation

The Batch - AI News & Insights. When I wrote recently about how to build a career in AI, several readers wrote to ask specifically about AI product management: the art and science of designing compelling AI products. I’ll share lessons I’ve learned about this here and in future letters.
Andrew Ng with a welcome message displayed on a laptop
Sep 28, 2022

The Batch: Robot Assistants Take a Step Forward, Nvidia Boosts AI as a Service, AI Enters Prisons, How to Train Vision Transformers

The Batch - AI News & Insights. In this letter, I’d like to address the serious matter of newcomers to AI sometimes experiencing imposter syndrome, where someone — regardless of their success in the field — wonders if they’re a fraud and really belong in the AI community.
Illustration of a brain over a muscular arm
Sep 21, 2022

The Batch: Data Scientists Analyze Data Science, AI Regulation Uses Undefined Terms, Robots LOL, AI Mattes Images

The Batch - AI News & Insights. Activities such as writing code and solving math problems are often perceived as purely intellectual pursuits. But this ignores the fact that they involve the mental equivalent of muscle memory.

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