AI Startups Face Compute Shortage, Detecting Generated Text, Italy Bans ChatGPT, AI Trends Report
Apr 12, 2023

AI Startups Face Compute Shortage, Detecting Generated Text, Italy Bans ChatGPT, AI Trends Report

The Batch - AI News & Insights: An ill-advised proposal for a 6-month pause in cutting-edge AI research got far more attention than I think it deserved. To me, this is a wake-up call that the AI doomers have done a much better job than the AI optimists at framing the narrative of progress in AI.
Figure showing how researchers obtained the Alpaca model
Apr 05, 2023

Robot Metal Workers, Better Pay for Data Wranglers, Building a South African AI Hub, Collaborative Language Model

The Batch - AI News & Insights: Last week, the tech news site The Information reported an internal controversy at Google. Engineers were concerned that Google’s Bard large language model was trained in part on output from OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which would have violated OpenAI’s terms of use.
Emad Mostaque, Alexandr Wang, Andrew Ng, and Peter Diamandis at Abundance 360, March 20, 2023
Mar 29, 2023

Public Attitudes Toward AI, Wanted: Prompt Engineers, AI Chips Slip Through U.S. Trade Ban, Efficient Reinforcement Learning

The Batch - AI News & Insights: Generative AI is taking off, and along with it excitement and hype about the technology’s potential. I encourage you to think of it as a general-purpose technology...
IBM Watson wins the television game show Jeopardy!, February 16, 2011
Mar 22, 2023

How AI Kingpins Lost in Chatbots, Microsoft Cuts Ethics Squad, AI Curates the News, Training Robots in the Real World

The Batch - AI News & Insights: Dear friends, here’s a quiz for you. Which company said this? “It’s always been a challenge to create computers that can actually communicate with and operate at anything like the level of a human mind. . . .
GPT-4 Has Landed, AI Infers Talent, LLaMA Escapes into the Wild, Vision and Language Tightly Bound
Mar 15, 2023

GPT-4 Has Landed, AI Infers Talent, LLaMA Escapes into the Wild, Vision and Language Tightly Bound

The Batch - AI News & Insights: Last week, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), Signature Bank, and Silvergate Bank suddenly collapsed. If it passed uneventfully from your point of view, good for you!
First mill-brand watermarked paper with the text "Old Council Tree Bond 100% Cotton Fiber"
Mar 08, 2023

Voice Clones Go Viral, No Copyright for Generated Images, Text-Driven Video Style Transfer, Romania's AI Adviser

The Batch - AI News & Insights: ChatGPT has raised fears that students will harm their learning by using it to complete assignments. Voice cloning, another generative AI technology, has fooled people into giving large sums of money to scammers, as you can read below in this issue of The Batch.
Landing AI's computer vision platform, LandingLens
Mar 01, 2023

China Catches ChatGPT Fever, Top Publishers Embrace Text Generation, Replika’s Hot Bot Turns Cold, PCA Raises Red Flags

The Batch - AI News & Insights: Landing AI, a sister company of DeepLearning.AI, just released its computer vision platform, LandingLens, for everyone to start using for free. You can try it...
Chatbot emoji with a happy and an angry face
Feb 22, 2023

Chatbots Gone Wild, Surveillance Takes Hold, Rules for Military AI, Robot Training Streamlined

The Batch - AI News & Insights: As you can read below in this issue of The Batch, Microsoft’s effort to reinvent web search by adding a large language model snagged when its chatbot went off the rails.
Cellphone displaying an Instagram post with a picture of a robot doing yoga by the sunset
Feb 15, 2023

AI Titans Clash, Deepfaked Propaganda Spreads, Generative Models Resurrect Seinfeld, Unuseful Data Gets Pruned

The Batch - AI News & Insights: AI has an Instagram problem. Just as Instagram’s parade of perfect physiques makes many people feel they don’t measure up, AI’s parade of exciting projects makes many people feel their own projects are lacking...
Artist copying the painting called The Dance Lesson by Edward Degas at the National Gallery Museum
Feb 08, 2023

Generative AI on Trial, Text-to-Music Pumps Up the Volume, Robotaxis Face Headwinds, Mitigating AI Risk

The Batch - AI News & Insights: Generative AI companies are being sued over their use of data (specifically images and code) scraped from the web to train their models. Once trained, such models can generate, on demand, images in a given artist’s style or code that executes particular tasks.
Person sitting on the floor and reading a book in a giant library
Feb 01, 2023

Tesla's Deceptive Demo, Image Generator Pays Artists for Training Data, AI Cheat Bedevils Esports, Language Models Defy Logic

The Batch - AI News & Insights: Recent successes with large language models have brought to the surface a long-running debate within the AI community: What kinds of information do learning algorithms need in order to gain intelligence?
Mathematics for Machine Learning Specialization video teaser
Jan 25, 2023

Microsoft and OpenAI Forge $10 Billion Deal, Google Challenges ChatGPT, CNET Trusts Untrustworthy Text Generator, China Restricts Deepfakes

The Batch - AI News & Insights: Today DeepLearning.AI is launching the Mathematics for Machine Learning and Data Science Specialization, taught by the world-class AI educator Luis Serrano. In my courses, when it came to math, I’ve sometimes said, “Don’t worry about it.”...
Illustration of two red and blue toy robots fighting with a yellow background
Jan 18, 2023

Generated Code Makes Overconfident Programmers, China's Autonomous Drone Carrier, Does Bot Therapy Require Informed Consent?, Mining for Green Tech

The Batch - AI News & Insights: In late December, Google reportedly issued a “code red” to raise the alarm internally to the threat of disruption of its business by large language models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Do large language models (LLMs) endanger Google's search engine business?
Colorful flower meadow
Jan 11, 2023

ChatGPT Backlash, Face Recognition to Settle Scores, Deepfakes Versus Customer Service, Segmented Images Without Labeled Data

The Batch - AI News & Insights: Will the future of large language models limit users to cutting-edge models from a handful of companies, or will users be able to choose among powerful models from a large number of developers?...
Concept cloud of the LinkedIn and Twitter discussions generated by AI Fund senior AI advisor Carlos Alzate
Jan 04, 2023

Data Shortage?!, Precision-Guided Image Generation, Transparency for AI Vendors, AI in the Office

The Batch - AI News & Insights: In last week’s issue of The Batch, Yoshua Bengio, Alon Halevy, Douwe Kiela, Been Kim, and Reza Zadeh shared their hopes for AI in 2023. I also asked people on Twitter and...

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