Andrew Ng with a group of engineers in Medellin, Colombia
Jan 26, 2022

The Batch: Job Growth in Machine Learning, Amazon's AI-Driven Clothing Store, Transformers for Robot Vision, Hiring Algorithms Under Scrutiny

If you want to build a career in AI, it’s no longer necessary to be located in one of a few tech hubs such as Silicon Valley or Beijing. Tech hubs are emerging in many parts of the world, and cities large and small offer opportunities both for local talent and companies worldwide.
Board game with books and neural networks over it
Jan 19, 2022

The Batch: Special #BeADeepLearner Issue! How to Learn, How to Get a Job, How to Keep Up, How to Break In From a Disadvantaged Background

How to Learn Machine Learning | How to Gain Practical Experience | How to Overcome Societal Obstacles | How to Get a Job in AI | How to Keep Up in a Changing Field
Rocket taking off
Jan 12, 2022

The Batch: Recognizing Weapons, Reducing Garbage, Predicting Regime Change, Learning With Less Memory

AI continues to create numerous exciting career opportunities, and I know that many of you aim to develop a career in the field. While taking online courses in technical topics is an important step, being an AI professional requires more than technical skills.
Onion inside a tangerine peel
Jan 05, 2022

The Batch: Failing AI 101, Google's Robot Workforce, AI Against High Taxes, Ethics for Automated Armies

One rule I try to live by is to not surprise my collaborators. During a project, for example, a deadline may slip, or a customer may drop out.
Andrew Ng writing his learning goals for 2022
Dec 29, 2021

The Batch: Hopes for 2022 from Alexei Efros, Abeba Birhane, Yoav Shoham, Chip Huyen, Matt Zeiler, Wolfram Burgard, Yale Song

As we approach the end of the year, many of us consider setting goals for next year. I wrote about setting learning goals in a previous letter. In this one, I’d like to share a framework that I’ve found useful: process goals versus outcome goals.
Sleigh made of gift boxes
Dec 22, 2021

The Batch: Top AI Stories of 2021: Transformers Take Over, Models Balloon, Multimodal AI Takes Off, Governments Crack Down

As we approach the end of 2021, you may be winding down work and gearing up for the winter holiday. I’m looking forward to taking a break from work and hope you are too.
Screen capture from the Data-Centric AI Workshop
Dec 15, 2021

The Batch: TikTok's Recommender Revealed, DeepMind's Not-So-Large Language Models, Neural Troll Trap, Recognizing Rotations

We just wrapped up the Data-Centric AI Workshop at the NeurIPS 2021 conference. It was packed with information about how to engineer data for AI systems.
Happy yellow faces and sad blue faces
Dec 08, 2021

The Batch: Bias in Predictive Policing, Timnit Gebru vs Corporate AI, Autism Recognized, Transformers for Reinforcement Learning

Should we be optimistic or pessimistic about the prospects for ethical AI? I meet people who are encouraged by the progress we’ve made toward making AI more responsible and free of bias.
Principles of data
Dec 01, 2021

The Batch: AI Matches Patients to Drugs, Robots Crawl Sewers, New Voices for Atypical Speech, Graph Neural Networks Go Deep

I’ve seen many new technologies go through a predictable process on their journey from idea to large scale adoption. First, a handful of experts apply their ideas intuitively.
Project management cartoon
Nov 24, 2021

The Batch: Surveillance State In the Making?, Robot Fry Cook, U.S. AI Strategy, A Chatbot For Long Talks

I’m grateful to the AI community for the friendships it has brought me and the benefits it has brought to billions of people.
Different types of semaphores
Nov 17, 2021

The Batch: Has AI Become Unaffordable?, Covid Confounds Price Prediction, Face Recognition Algorithms Are Not Equal, This Chatbot Knows How To Google

The physical world is full of unique details that differ from place to place, person to person, and item to item. In contrast, the world of software is built on abstractions that make for relatively uniform coding environments and user experiences.
Andrew Ng during a conference
Nov 10, 2021

The Batch: GPT-3 For All, DeepMind's Goldmine, Facebook Unfriends Face Recognition, Empowering Robots To Find What They Need

On Monday, Landing AI (where I’m CEO) announced the close of a $57 million Series A funding round. The investment enables the company to continue building its data-centric MLOps platform for computer vision, with a focus on manufacturing visual inspection.
Andrew Ng playing piano
Nov 03, 2021

The Batch: Facebook's Algorithm Revealed, Google's Mobile AI Chip Unveiled, Art Forgeries Exposed, How Algorithms Understand Video

Dear friends, Years ago, whenever I had to do something boring or unpleasant — such as drive to work or go for a run — I used to listen to music to provide a distraction. Although I still appreciate music, as I got older I decided to cut out distractions.
Illustration of Andrew Ng dressed as a panda holding a bag full of candy
Oct 27, 2021

The Batch: Halloween Special! Monsters of AI Including Tech Giants, Explosive Drones, Surveillance Democracies, Foundation Models

On Halloween, the veil lifts between the spirit and AI worlds, allowing the two to pass through one another. The resulting paranormal — or, as AI practitioners call it, paragaussian — phenomena raise questions...
Wiiners of the Data-centric AI Competition
Oct 20, 2021

The Batch: Regulating AI, Where the MLEs Are, Real-Time Voice Replacement, Robot Painter

In June, I announced the first Data-centric AI Competition. The deadline for submissions was in early September, and today I’m thrilled to announce the winners!

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