Jun 01, 2022

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US federal funds effective interest rate
Jun 01, 2022

The Batch: AI Games Google, Actors Fight Deepfakes, Models Gain Good Judgement, Deep Learning Delivers Personalized Discounts

The United States Federal Reserve Bank has signaled that it will continue to raise interest rates. As one consequence, the stock market is significantly down, particularly tech stocks, relative to the beginning of the year.
Theatre masks doing different facial expressions
Jun 01, 2022

Actors Act Against AI: UK Actors Union Launches Campaign Against AI

Performing artists are taking action to protect their earning power against scene-stealing avatars. Equity, a union of UK performing artists, launched a campaign to pressure the government to prohibit unauthorized use of a performer’s AI-generated likeness.
Contentedge screen video capture
Jun 01, 2022

Winning The Google Game: 14 Companies Using GPT-3 to Top SEO

AI startups are helping writers tailor articles that appear near the top of Google’s search results. At least 14 companies sell access to software that uses GPT-3, the language model from OpenAI, to generate headlines, product descriptions, blog posts, and video scripts.
The framework of Virtual Outlier Synthesis (VOS)
Jun 01, 2022

Right-Sizing Confidence: Object Detector Lowers Confidence for Unfamiliar Inputs

An object detector trained exclusively on urban images might mistake a moose for a pedestrian and express high confidence in its poor judgment. New work enables object detectors, and potentially other neural networks, to lower their confidence when they encounter unfamiliar inputs.
Upside app screen video capture
Jun 01, 2022

Deep Learning for Deep Discounts: AI Creates Personal Deals for Gas, Food, and Retail

With prices on the rise, an app analyzes user data to deliver cash back on retail purchases. Upside, a startup based in Washington, D.C., works with gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants to offer personalized discounts to consumers.

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