Jul 10, 2019

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Image segmentation in text over food can, box and jar
Jul 10, 2019

New! Improved! Text Recognition

The ability to recognize text is useful in contexts from ecommerce to augmented reality. But existing computer vision systems fare poorly when a single image contains characters of diverse sizes, styles, angles, and backgrounds along with other objects...
Illustrations of the influenza virus and its viral proteins
Jul 10, 2019

Automating Immunity

Viruses evolve at a breakneck clip. That keeps medical researchers working overtime to develop vaccines. Now AI is designing inoculations that could help humans stay one step ahead of the bugs.
A novel algorithm identifying the perceived emotions of individuals based on their walking styles
Jul 10, 2019

Emotions in Motion

Automated systems for interpreting human emotions have analyzed speech, text, and facial expressions. New research shows progress on the subtle art of reading body language.
Prediction of new thermoelectric materials
Jul 10, 2019

Science on Steroids

Science is drowning in data. Hard-won findings can sink into obscurity amid the rising tide of research. But new research shows that deep learning can serve as a net for catching knowledge.
Two recycling robots working
Jul 10, 2019

Picking Up the Pieces

Sorting data into the right categories is AI's bread-and-butter task. Now the technology is being used to sort recyclables into the right bins.
Rosetta Stone
Jul 10, 2019

Digital Rosetta Stone

Translating languages that haven't been understood since ancient times typically requires intensive linguistic research. It turns out that neural networks can do the job.
Facetime app Attention Correction feature
Jul 10, 2019

Then Their Eyes Locked — Not!

Eye contact is such an essential element in interpersonal communication that it’s considered rude in face-to-face conversation to avoid another person’s eyes. But a lowered gaze is standard in video chat, when the face on the screen is often several inches lower than the camera’s lens...
Andrew Ng's course certificate from Coursera
Jul 10, 2019

The Batch: Faking out FaceTime, deciphering lost languages, predicting scientific discoveries, reading body language, recycling with robots

If you wonder how often I take online courses myself, the answer is: Quite often. I have a longstanding interest in AI for healthcare.

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