Aug 18, 2021

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Data-Centric AI Development Iterative Workflow
Aug 18, 2021

The Batch: Apple Weakens Privacy, AI's Invention Wins A Patent, Deere All-In For Robot Tractors, Atari-Playing Algo Learns New Trick

Say you’ve trained a learning algorithm and found that it works well on many examples but performs poorly on a particular subset, or slice, of the data. What can you do?...
Apple's CEO Tim Cook discussing privacy with a Privacy sign above him
Aug 18, 2021

User Privacy Versus Child Safety: Apple to scan user phones for images of child abuse.

Apple, which has made a point of its commitment to user privacy, announced that it will scan iPhones for evidence of child abuse. The tech giant will include a machine learning model on the device.
Sequence of images showing tractors working on fields
Aug 18, 2021

Outstanding in the Field: John Deere buys Bear Flag Robotics for $250 million.

One of the world’s largest makers of farm equipment is doubling down on self-driving tractors. John Deere agreed to pay $250 million for Bear Flag Robotics, a California startup that upgrades conventional tractors.
Graphs showing information about AI system as the inventor of a food container with unique properties
Aug 18, 2021

Invented By AI: South Africa awards a patent to an AI inventor.

An algorithm received a patent for its invention. What’s new: South Africa’s intellectual property office issued a patent that names an AI system as the inventor of a food container.
Sequence of famous arcade games' scenes
Aug 18, 2021

Solve RL With This One Weird Trick: How to get better performance from reinforcement learning.

The previous state-of-the-art model for playing vintage Atari games took advantage of a number of advances in reinforcement learning (RL). The new champion is a basic RL architecture plus a trick borrowed from image generation.

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