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Andrew Ng with his grandfather

Dear friends,

Happy New Year!

Every winter holiday, I pursue a learning goal around a new topic. In between visits with family, I end up reading a lot.

About a decade ago, my holiday topic was pedagogy — I still remember lugging a heavy suitcase of books through the airport — and this helped the early days of Coursera. Last year, before Nova’s birth, I read a pile of books on child care.
This holiday, I’ve been catching up on epigenetics and the emerging science (and sometimes quackery) of anti-aging.

I also visited my 101-year-old grandfather. I told him what I was reading, and he said that remaining curious is the key to longevity. If he’s right, then I think many of you will thrive well past 101!

Wishing you a wonderful 2020, with lots of curiosity, learning, and love.

Keep learning!



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