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Network architecture of Reasoner
Zhejiang University

What the Missing Frames Showed: Machine Learning Describes Masked Video Events

Neural networks can describe in words what’s happening in pictures and videos — but can they make sensible guesses about things that happened before or will happen afterward? Researchers probed this ability.
AI system monitoring urban traffic
Zhejiang University

Meet the New Smart-Cities Champ: Chinese researchers win prizes for AI traffic safety.

Chinese researchers for the first time swept a competition to develop AI systems that monitor urban traffic. Chinese universities and companies won first and second place place in all five categories of the 2021 AI City Challenge.
Neural Body, a procedure that generates novel views of a single human character, working
Zhejiang University

Seeing People From a New Angle: Neural Body is an AI tool for generating 3D images of people.

The University of Hong Kong, and Cornell University to create Neural Body, a procedure that generates novel views of a single human character based on shots from only a few angles.
Information related to FastSpeech, a text-to-speech system
Zhejiang University

Text to Speech in Parallel: A research summary of FastSpeech text-to-speech AI

A new system marks a step forward in converting text to speech: It’s fast at inference, reduces word errors, and provides some control over the speed and inflection of generated speech.What’s new: Yi Ren, Yangjun Ruan, and their co-authors at Zhejiang

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