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Series of imagen showing how an insect-sorting robot works

Bugbot: How AI can help with the insect biodiversity crisis.

An insect-sorting robot could help scientists grapple with the global biodiversity crisis. An automated insect classifier sucks in tiny arthropods, classifies them, and maps their most important identifying features.
Example of a crowd size estimate

Better Crowd Counts: A computer vision method for counting crowds from images

Did a million people attend the Million Man March? Estimates of the crowd size gathered at a given place and time can have significant political implications — and practical ones, too, as they can help public safety experts deploy resources for public health or crowd control.
Data related to AI technology capable of spotting birds with sound and sight

Birdwatching With AI: A computer vision system recognizes individual birds.

Neural networks learned to tell one bird from another, enabling scientists to study their behavior in greater detail. Researchers from universities in Europe and Africa trained eural networks to recognize individual birds with up to 90 percent accuracy.

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