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What Venture Investors Want: CB Insights' annual list of the 100 most promising AI startups
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What Venture Investors Want: CB Insights' annual list of the 100 most promising AI startups

This year’s crop of hot startups shows that generative AI isn’t the only game in town. CB Insights, which tracks the tech-startup economy, released the 2023 edition of its annual AI 100, a list of 100 notable AI-powered ventures.
Microsoft logo (left) and ChatGPT logo (right) reflecting the colors of the Microsoft logo
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AI Powers Strengthen Ties: Microsoft boosts its investment in OpenAI.

Microsoft deepened its high-stakes relationship with OpenAI. The tech giant confirmed rumors that it is boosting its investment in the research lab that created the ChatGPT large language model and other AI innovations.
FTX logo drowning in a sea full of dollars
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Cryptocurrency Unsafe for AI: How FTX's collapse impacts AI.

The demise of cryptocurrency exchange FTX threatens funding for some teams devoted to AI safety. FTX, the $32 billion exchange that plunged into bankruptcy last month amid allegations of fraud, had given or promised more than $530 million to over 70 AI-related organizations.
Different charts with data from the fifth annual State of AI Report
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AI’s Year in Review: Fifth Annual State of AI Report Details 2022's Trends

2022 was a big year for AI-driven upstarts and scientific discovery, according to a new survey. The fifth annual State of AI Report details the biggest breakthroughs, business impacts, social trends, and safety concerns.
Different logos from companies like OpenAI,, Jasper and the dollar sign
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Generating Investment: Generative AI Startups Raise Hundreds of Millions in Funding

The generative gold rush is on. Venture capitalists are betting hundreds of millions of dollars on startups that use AI to generate images, text, and more, Wired reported.
Charts from the Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Report
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Tough Economy Hits AI Startups: Investing Slows in the AI Tech Industry

Venture investors are tapping the brakes on AI amid rising economic uncertainty. In their latest report, market research firm PitchBook documents a sharp reduction in investment in AI startups in the first half of 2022, a time of rising inflation and interest rates.
CB Insights list of 100 notable AI startups
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Standout Startups: The Top 100 AI Startups off 2022

AI startups are creating high value across a wide variety of industries. CB Insights, which tracks tech startups, published the latest edition of the AI 100, its annual list of 100 notable AI startups.
Bigger fish eating smaller fish
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How AI Ventures Spend Their Capital: AI Startups Invested Billions In Other AI Startups in 2021

AI startups are putting their cash into . . . AI startups.What’s new: Young AI companies flush with venture capital are purchasing startups to expand the range of services they can offer.
Chart showing data about worldwide AI services forecast
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AI Sales Closing In on $500 Billion: Report: Global Sales of AI Industry Nearly $500b by 2024

A new report projects a rosy future for the AI industry.What’s new: A study from market research firm IDC estimates that global revenues for AI software, hardware, and services will reach $341.8 billion in
Africa map and location sign with letters AI over it
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AI in Regions Rich and Poor: How companies in Africa and the Middle East use AI

Companies in Africa and the Middle East are building AI capacity in very different ways, a new study found. AI is growing fast in both regions despite shortages of talent and data.
Map of Asia with AI letters inside a location icon
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Asia’s AI Advantage: Asian companies show success in AI updake.

Asian companies lead the world in AI deployment, new research argues. Market research by MIT Technology Review Insights found that companies in the Asia-Pacific region are using machine learning faster and with better results than any other part of the world.
Some results from CB Insights' annual list of the 100 most promising startups in AI
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Machine Learning Churning: The hottest AI startups of 2020, according to CB Insights

Many of this year’s hottest AI companies are taking the spotlight from last year’s darlings.What’s new: CB Insights, which analyzes early-stage companies, published its annual list of the 100 “most promising” startups in AI.
Capture of the report on trends in machine learning from market analyst CB Insights
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Business Pushes the Envelope: The trends shaping AI in 2020

The business world continues to shape deep learning’s future. Commerce is pushing AI toward more efficient consumption of data, energy, and labor, according to a report on trends in machine learning from market analyst CB Insights.
Illustration of a Halloween pumpkin covered in snow
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AI Winter Sets In

Could the flood of hype for artificial intelligence lead to a catastrophic collapse in funding? AI will fail to deliver on promises inflated by businesses and researchers. Investors will migrate to greener pastures, and AI Winter will descend.
Two people shaking hands
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My Chatbot Will Call Your Chatbot

Companies with large numbers of contractual relationships may leave millions of dollars on the table because it’s not practical to customize each agreement. A new startup offers a chatbot designed to claw back that money.

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