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Examples of Dall-E searches
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DALL路E 2鈥檚 Emergent Vocabulary: The text-to- image generator DALL路E 2 invents its own words and concepts

OpenAI鈥檚 text-to-image generator DALL路E 2 produces pictures with uncanny creativity on demand. Has it invented its own language as well? Ask DALL路E 2 to generate an image that includes text, and often its output will include seemingly random characters.
A generative adversarial network (GAN)
University of Texas

Image Generation Transformed: New research combines GANs with transformers.

A recent generative adversarial network (GAN) produced more coherent images using modified transformers that replaced fully connected layers with convolutional layers. A new GAN achieved a similar end using transformers in their original form.
Graphs and data related to RubiksShift
University of Texas

More Efficient Action Recognition: Using Active Shift Layer to analyze time series data

Recognizing actions performed in a video requires understanding each frame and relationships between the frames. Previous research devised a way to analyze individual images efficiently known as Active Shift Layer (ASL). New research extends this technique to the steady march of video frames.
Example of Occupancy Anticipation, a navigation system that predicts unseen obstacles, working
University of Texas

Guess What Happens Next: Research teaches robots to predict unseen obstacles.

New research teaches robots to anticipate what鈥檚 coming rather than focusing on what鈥檚 right in front of them. Researchers developed Occupancy Anticipation (OA), a navigation system that predicts unseen obstacles in addition to observing those in its field of view.

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