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Series of images explaining how the system Eva works
University of Southern California

Who Needs a Covid Test? AI Decides: Greek Border Patrol Used AI to Screen for Covid

Greece’s border agents last year had enough Covid tests to swab only 17 percent of people who sought to enter the country. They managed the shortage by using an AI system to flag high-risk visitors.
Series of images and graphs related to cancer detection
University of Southern California

Shortcut to Cancer Treatment

Doctors who treat breast cancer typically use a quick, inexpensive tumor-tissue stain test to diagnose the illness and a slower, more costly one to determine treatment. A new neural network could help doctors to go straight from diagnosis to treatment.
Series of images with graphs and data related to optimization algorithms
University of Southern California

When Optimization is Suboptimal

Bias arises in machine learning when we fit an overly simple function to a more complex problem. A theoretical study shows that gradient descent itself may introduce such bias and render algorithms unable to fit data properly.

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