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Man sitting on a tree with a monkey and a gorilla
University of Michigan

Decision Trees: From Root to Leaves — Decision Trees for Machine Learning Explained

What kind of beast was Aristotle? The philosopher's follower Porphyry, who lived in Syria during the third century, came up with a logical way to answer the question...
Series of images related to water lines replacement and poisoned water
University of Michigan

AI Versus Lead Poisoning: How BlueConduit uses AI to identify lead water lines.

An algorithm is helping cities locate pipes that could release highly toxic lead into drinking water. BlueConduit, a startup that focuses on water safety, is working with dozens of North American municipal governments to locate lead water lines so they can be replaced.
Robotic hand controlled by an amputee taking a can
University of Michigan

AI Gets a Grip: AI helps amputees control robotic hands.

Amputees can control a robotic hand with their thoughts — plus machine learning. University of Michigan researchers developed a system that uses signals from an amputee’s nervous system to control a prosthetic hand.
Information related to a test powered by deep learning that diagnoses tumor samples in only a few minutes
University of Michigan

Surgical Speed-Up: An AI tool for diagnosing brain tumor scans

Every second counts when a patient’s skull is open in the operating room. A new technique based on deep learning can shorten some brain surgeries. During brain cancer operations, surgeons must stop in mid-operation for up to a half hour while a pathologist analyzes the tumor tissue.

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