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A football player performs drills on the pitch while a computer vision system tracks and grades his movements

On the Ball: An AI-Powered App Lets Amateur Footballers Try Out for the Pros

AiSCOUT uses computer vision to grade amateur footballers and recommends those who score highest to representatives of professional teams.
Driver one passing driver who has no gas

Linear Regression: Straight & Narrow - Linear Regression for Machine Learning

Linear regression may be the key statistical method in machine learning, but it didn’t get to be that way without a fight. Two eminent mathematicians claimed credit for it, and 200 years later the matter remains unresolved.
Graph related to LIME and SHAP methods

Bias Goes Undercover: Adversarial attacks can fool explainable AI techniques.

As black-box algorithms like neural networks find their way into high-stakes fields such as transportation, healthcare, and finance, researchers have developed techniques to help explain models’ decisions. New findings show that some of these methods can be fooled.

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