Tensor Processing Unit (TPU)

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Person with a sad face in front of an abandoned Chip's Candies factory
Tensor Processing Unit (TPU)

No More GPUs: Confronting the Fear of a Global Chip Shortage

Advanced AI requires advanced hardware. What if the global supply of high-end AI chips dries up? Most of the world’s advanced AI processors are manufactured in Taiwan, where tension with mainland China is rising.
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Tensor Processing Unit (TPU)

Trillions of Parameters: Are AI models with trillions of parameters the new normal?

The trend toward ever-larger models crossed the threshold from immense to ginormous. Google kicked off 2021 with Switch Transformer, the first published work to exceed a trillion parameters, weighing in at 1.6 trillion.
First image showing the Google Tensor chip. Second image showing the Google Pixel 6 phone
Tensor Processing Unit (TPU)

Competition Heats Up in Mobile AI: Google Designed Its Own Tensor AI Chip for Smartphones

Google designed its own AI chip for its new smartphone — a snub to Qualcomm, the dominant chip vendor in Android phones. What’s new: Google debuted the Tensor chip last week
On the left, the policy is being trained from scratch, and on the right, a pre-trained policy is being fine-tuned
Tensor Processing Unit (TPU)

Computers Making Computers: How Google used AI to help design its TPU v4 chip.

A neural network wrote the blueprint for upcoming computer chips that will accelerate deep learning itself. Google engineers used a reinforcement learning system to arrange the billions of minuscule transistors in an upcoming version of its Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) chips.
Graphs and data related to AI chips
Tensor Processing Unit (TPU)

Built for Speed: Nvidia topped MLPerf's training benchmarks in 2020.

Chips specially designed for AI are becoming much faster at training neural networks, judging from recent trials. MLPerf, an organization that’s developing standards for hardware performance in machine learning tasks, released results from its third benchmark competition.
Colossus Mk2, processor by Graphcore
Tensor Processing Unit (TPU)

New Horsepower for Neural Nets: UK startup Graphcore released its Colossus MK2 chip for AI.

A high-profile semiconductor startup made a bid for the future of AI computation. UK startup Graphcore released the Colossus Mk2, a processor intended to perform the matrix math calculations at the heart of deep learning more efficiently than other specialized processors.
Quantum computing
Tensor Processing Unit (TPU)

Quantum Leap: Researchers build TensorFlow hardware for quantum computing.

Quantum computing has made great strides in recent years, though it still faces significant challenges. If and when it gets here, machine learning may be ready for it.
David Patterson
Tensor Processing Unit (TPU)

David Patterson — Faster Training and Inference: Using MLPerf to test new AI hardware

Billions of dollars invested to create novel AI hardware will bear their early fruit in 2020. Google unleashed a financial avalanche with its tensor processing unit in 2017.

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