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Charts from the Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Report
Stock Market

Tough Economy Hits AI Startups: Investing Slows in the AI Tech Industry

Venture investors are tapping the brakes on AI amid rising economic uncertainty. In their latest report, market research firm PitchBook documents a sharp reduction in investment in AI startups in the first half of 2022, a time of rising inflation and interest rates.
Stock Market Simulation using cGANs
Stock Market

Stock-Trading Test Bed: AI system simulates stock market performance.

If you buy or sell stocks, it’s handy to test your strategy before you put real money at risk. Researchers devised a fresh approach to simulating market behavior.
Different AI related news headlines
Stock Market

Investorbots: Too Good to Be True? Stock market AIs fail at real world investing.

Machine learning models aren’t likely to replace human stock-market analysts any time soon, a new study concluded. Researchers pinpointed key flaws in prior research into models that predict stock-market trends.

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