Sep 29, 2021

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Landing.AI screen capture
Sep 29, 2021

The Batch: AI Allocates Covid Tests, Makeup Thwarts Face Recognition, Making Neural Nets Think Harder, NeurIPS Under Fire

In my experience, the most sophisticated decision makers tend to be hypothesis-driven thinkers. They may be engineers solving a technical problem, product designers fulfilling a customer need, or entrepreneurs growing a business. They
Series of images explaining how the system Eva works
Sep 29, 2021

Who Needs a Covid Test? AI Decides: Greek Border Patrol Used AI to Screen for Covid

Greece’s border agents last year had enough Covid tests to swab only 17 percent of people who sought to enter the country. They managed the shortage by using an AI system to flag high-risk visitors.
Video captures showing how makeup fools a face recognition system
Sep 29, 2021

Too Fabulous for Face Recognition: Makeup May Fool Some Face Recognition Systems

Drop off your adversarial hats, eyeglasses, and tee shirts to the second-hand store. The latest fashion statement is adversarial makeup. What’s new: Researchers at Ben-Gurion University and NEC developed a system
Animated charts showing how AI can learn from simple tasks to harder versions of the same task
Sep 29, 2021

More Thinking Solves Harder Problems: AI Can Learn From Simple Tasks to Solve Hard Problems

In machine learning, an easy task and a more difficult version of the same task — say, a maze that covers a smaller or larger area — often are learned separately.
Graphs with results of a new study regarding NeurIPS 2014 and its impact on machine learning
Sep 29, 2021

Conference Paper Choices Under Fire: NeurIPS Failed to Identify High Impact Research

A prestigious machine learning conference failed to highlight the highest-impact research, according to a new study.What’s new: In a retrospective analysis, researchers found that papers accepted to NeurIPS 2014 showed little correlation

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