Sep 15, 2021

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Location of Pie & AI events
Sep 15, 2021

The Batch: China Clamps Down on Recommendation Engines, Robot Football, Ethics Survey, Reducing Elder Fall Risk

I invite you to be part of Pie & AI, a series of meetups that bring together members of the global AI community for education and conversation. Pie & AI is a place where you can network with peers, learn best practices from industry leaders...
Screen capture showing a Chinese app's food recommendations
Sep 15, 2021

Rules for Recommenders: China Bans Harmful Recommendation Algorithms

China moved toward a clamp down on recommendation algorithms.What’s new: China’s internet regulatory agency proposed rules that include banning algorithms that spread disinformation and threaten national security.
Video showing diagnostic system VirtuSense Balance working
Sep 15, 2021

Risk Reduction for Elders: AI System Helps Elderly Stay on Their Feet

Deep learning is helping to protect elderly people from potentially catastrophic tumbles.What’s happening: More than 2,000 senior living facilities across the U.S. use a diagnostic system called VirtuSense Balance
Results of survey about how AI Engineers vs US public feel about ethical issues
Sep 15, 2021

AI Engineers Weigh In on AI Ethics: Survey Shows How AI Engineers Feel About Ethical Issues

Machine learning researchers tend to trust international organizations, distrust military forces, and disagree on how much disclosure is necessary when describing new models, a new study found.
Animation showing a simulated football team and how it works
Sep 15, 2021

Team Players: Football-Playing AI Blends Individual and Group Skills

Playing a team sport involves a fluid blend of individual and group skills. Researchers integrated both types of action into realistic humanoid agents that play football (known as soccer in the U.S.).

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