Reinforcement Learning

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Transformer-based system simulating simulate the Atari game "Pong"
Reinforcement Learning

Efficient Reinforcement Learning: Reinforcement learning plus transformers equals efficiency.

Both transformers and reinforcement learning models are notoriously data-hungry. They may be less so when they work together. Vincent Micheli and colleagues at the University of Geneva trained a transformer-based system to simulate Atari games using a small amount of gameplay.
Examples of learned gaits acquired on a variety of real-world terrains
Reinforcement Learning

Real-World Training on the Double: A new method rapidly trains robots in the real world.

Roboticists often train their machines in simulation, where the controller model can learn from millions of hours of experience. A new method trained robots in the real world in 20 minutes.
Architecture for PointGoal Navigation on a legged robot
Reinforcement Learning

Streamlined Robot Training: Robots trained in lo-fi simulation perform better in reality.

Autonomous robots trained to navigate in a simulation often struggle in the real world. New work helps bridge the gap in a counterintuitive way.
Scene from a video game called Rocket League
Reinforcement Learning

AI Cheat Bedevils Popular Esport: Gamers are using AI to cheat in Rocket League.

Reinforcement learning is powering a new generation of video game cheaters. Players of Rocket League, a video game that ranks among the world’s most popular esports, are getting trounced by cheaters who use AI models originally developed to train contestants.
Screen captures of the Sparrow Chatbot
Reinforcement Learning

Google’s Rule-Respecting Chatbot: Research helps AI chatbots be more truthful and less hateful.

Amid speculation about the threat posed by OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot to Google’s search business, a paper shows how the search giant might address the tendency of such models to produce offensive, incoherent, or untruthful dialog.
Yoshua Bengio teaching
Reinforcement Learning

Yoshua Bengio: Deep learning pioneer Yoshua Bengio looks forward to neural nets that can reason.

Recent advances in deep learning largely have come by brute force: taking the latest architectures and scaling up compute power, data, and engineering. Do we have the architectures we need, and all that remains is to develop better hardware and datasets so we can keep...
Model that defeats KataGo, an open source Go-playing system
Reinforcement Learning

Champion Model Is No Go: Adversarial AI Beats Master KataGo Algorithm

A new algorithm defeated a championship-winning Go model using moves that even a middling human player could counter. Researchers trained a model to defeat KataGo, an open source Go-playing system that has beaten top human players.
Robot with an arm, camera, and gripper handing over a plastic bottle to a person
Reinforcement Learning

Parsing Commands Into Actions: NLP Helps Google Robot Understand Spoken Instructions

A new method enables robots to respond helpfully to verbal commands by pairing a natural language model with a repertoire of existing skills.
Humanized Training for Robot Arms
Reinforcement Learning

Humanized Training for Robot Arms: New Research Improves Robot Performance and Adaptability

Robots trained via reinforcement learning usually study videos of robots performing the task at hand. A new approach used videos of humans to pre-train robotic arms.
Explanation of Multi-Modal Delay Randomization (MMDR)
Reinforcement Learning

Coordinating Robot Limbs: Machine learning improves robot dog reaction time.

A dog doesn’t think twice about fetching a tennis ball, but an autonomous robot typically suffers from delays between perception and action. A new machine-learning model helped a quadruped robot coordinate its sensors and actuators.
Representation of the components of our controller design architecture
Reinforcement Learning

High-Energy Deep Learning: Machine learning helps stabilize nuclear fusion.

Nuclear fusion technology, long touted as an unlimited source of safe, clean energy, took a step toward reality with a machine learning algorithm that molds the fuel in a reactor’s core.
Gran Turismo Sport race
Reinforcement Learning

Fast and Daring Wins the Race: GT Sophy AI model beats humans at Gran Turismo Sport.

Armchair speed demons have a new nemesis. Peter Wurman and a team at Sony developed Gran Turismo Sophy (GT Sophy), a reinforcement learning model that defeated human champions of Gran Turismo Sport, a PlayStation game that simulates auto races right down to tire friction and air resistance.
Tax planning model AI Economist
Reinforcement Learning

Tax Relief the AI Way: AI Economist creates optimal tax rate.

Nothing is certain except death and taxes, the saying goes — but how to make taxes fair and beneficial remains an open question. New research aims to answer it.
Wolfram Burgard
Reinforcement Learning

Wolfram Burgard: Train robots in the real world

Robots are tremendously useful machines, and I would like to see them applied to every task where they can do some good. Yet we don’t have enough programmers for all this hardware and all these tasks.
Google's Decision Transformer
Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning Transformed: Transformers succeed at reinforcemend learning tasks.

Transformers have matched or exceeded earlier architectures in language modeling and image classification. New work shows they can achieve state-of-the-art results in some reinforcement learning tasks as well.

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