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Data and information related to dropout
Oxford University

Dropout With a Difference: Reduce neural net overfitting without impacting accuracy

The technique known as dropout discourages neural networks from overfitting by deterring them from reliance on particular features. A new approach reorganizes the process to run efficiently on the chips that typically run neural network calculations.
Fragment of a video explaining a model that extracts landmarks on the fly from radar scans
Oxford University

Locating Landmarks on the Fly: AI model identifies stationary objects from radar scans.

Directions such as “turn left at the big tree, go three blocks, and stop at the big red house on your left” can get you to your destination because they refer to stationary landmarks. New research enables self-driving cars to identify such stable indicators on their own.
Examples of finished virtual pencil sketches (shoe and headshot)
Oxford University

Unfinished Artwork? No More

Generative networks can embroider sentences into stories and melodies into full-fledged arrangements. A new model does something similar with drawings.

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