Oct 13, 2021

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Oct 13, 2021

The Batch: AI Has a Web Problem, Google Goes Multimodal, Unfinished Symphony Completed, Transformers Get Faster Still

I’ve seen many friends transition from an academic or research role to a corporate role. The most successful ones adjusted to corporate work by shifting their mindset in a few crucial ways.
Series of example of accurate and inaccurate matching images to text
Oct 13, 2021

Crawl the Web, Absorb the Bias: NLP Models Absorb Biases from Web Training Data

The emerging generation of trillion-parameter models needs datasets of billions of examples, but the most readily available source of examples on that scale — the web — is polluted with bias and antisocial expressions. A new study examines the issue.
Animated image showing the transformer architecture of processing an image
Oct 13, 2021

Transformer Speed-Up Sped Up: How to Speed Up Image Transformers

The transformer architecture is notoriously inefficient when processing long sequences — a problem in processing images, which are essentially long sequences of pixels. One way around this is to break up input images and process the pieces
Animations that shows how the Google Search Algorithm works with Multimodal AI
Oct 13, 2021

Search Goes Multimodal: Google Upgrades its Search Algorithm with Multimodal AI

Google will upgrade its search engine with a new model that tracks the relationships between words, images, and, in time, videos — the first fruit of its latest research into multimodal machine learning and multilingual language modeling.
GIF showing an orchestra playing music
Oct 13, 2021

Roll Over, Beethoven: AI Completes Beethoven's 10th Symphony

Ludwig van Beethoven died before he completed what would have been his tenth and final symphony. A team of computer scientists and music scholars approximated the music that might have been.

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