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Graphs with results of a new study regarding NeurIPS 2014 and its impact on machine learning

Conference Paper Choices Under Fire: NeurIPS Failed to Identify High Impact Research

A prestigious machine learning conference failed to highlight the highest-impact research, according to a new study.What’s new: In a retrospective analysis, researchers found that papers accepted to NeurIPS 2014 showed little correlation
Results of survey about how AI Engineers vs US public feel about ethical issues

AI Engineers Weigh In on AI Ethics: Survey Shows How AI Engineers Feel About Ethical Issues

Machine learning researchers tend to trust international organizations, distrust military forces, and disagree on how much disclosure is necessary when describing new models, a new study found.
Leaf stuck on a chain link fence

Researchers Blocked at the Border: Some African AI researchers blocked from attending NeurIPS

Foreign researchers hoping to attend one of AI’s largest conferences were denied entry into Canada, where the event will be held. Most of those blocked were from developing nations.
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Are Those Results Reproducible?

As deep learning becomes more resource-intensive, labs with better funding tend to achieve better results. One consequence is that less wealthy organizations often can’t replicate state-of-the-art successes. Some observers are calling it a crisis.

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