Multitask Unified Model

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Gif of Google search results shows how the company is minimizing disinformation.
Multitask Unified Model

Misinformation Recognition: Google Updated its Search Engine to Minimize Disinformation

Google updated the Multitask Unified model its search algorithm to respond to the flood of misinformation on the web.
Illustration of a woman riding a sled
Multitask Unified Model

Multimodal AI Takes Off: Multimodal Models, such as CLIP and DALL·E, are taking over AI.

While models like GPT-3 and EfficientNet, which work on text and images respectively, are responsible for some of deep learning’s highest-profile successes, approaches that find relationships between text and images made impressive
Animations that shows how the Google Search Algorithm works with Multimodal AI
Multitask Unified Model

Search Goes Multimodal: Google Upgrades its Search Algorithm with Multimodal AI

Google will upgrade its search engine with a new model that tracks the relationships between words, images, and, in time, videos — the first fruit of its latest research into multimodal machine learning and multilingual language modeling.

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