May 08, 2019

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Andrew Ng's mother and daughter
May 08, 2019

The Batch: AI With Fashion Sense, Robot Farmers, Schooling Alexa, Sharper Computer Vision

A first for my three-month-old daughter Nova: an outing to the park. As my mother and I watched her staring at a tree. I realized what a novel experience it must be to see a tree close-up for the first time.
Composite image of the Baxter executing a pickand-place task with manually controlled grasp
May 08, 2019

Deep Motion

The usual ways to plot a course from one place to another typically entail a trade-off between economy of motion and computation time. Researchers instead used deep learning to find efficient paths quickly.
Chart showing 900 new domains for continual learning
May 08, 2019

Alex, Open . . . Something

If digital assistants had feet, their Achilles heel would be requiring users to remember commands that invoke new skills. Amazon proposes a way to train systems like Alexa to learn new domains incrementally.
Attention-augmented convolution
May 08, 2019

Convolution Plus

The technique known as attention has yielded spectacular results in speech and natural language tasks. Now researchers have shown that it can improve image recognizers as well.
Robot-powered indoor farming
May 08, 2019

Old MacDonald Had a Bot

A California grocer is stocking produce grown by robots, a sign of AI’s growing presence in agriculture.
Minimal edits for outfit improvement using Fashion++
May 08, 2019

Hope For the Fashion-Challenged

Need a quick wardrobe upgrade? Image generation to the rescue! This research project automatically visualizes small changes to clothing that make the wearer look more fashionable.

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