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Image showing how object detectors work
Mask R-CNN

I Know It When I See It: Zero-shot detection for objects not in training data.

Object detectors typically detect only items that were labeled in their training data. A new method liberates them to locate and recognize a much wider variety of objects.
Taxonomy of deep learning architectures using self-attention for visual recognition and images from the COCO dataset
Mask R-CNN

Vision Models Get Some Attention: Researchers add self-attention to convolutional neural nets.

Self-attention is a key element in state-of-the-art language models, but it struggles to process images because its memory requirement rises rapidly with the size of the input. New research addresses the issue with a simple twist on a convolutional neural network.
Tennis simulator Vid2Player working
Mask R-CNN

Wimbledon in a Box: Generative AI technique creates imaginary tennis matches.

Covid shut down the tennis tournament at Wimbledon this year, but a new model simulates showdowns between the sport’s greatest players. Stanford researchers developed Vid2Player, a system that simulates the footwork, positioning, and strokes of tennis pros like Roger Federer.
Data related to AI technology capable of spotting birds with sound and sight
Mask R-CNN

Birdwatching With AI: A computer vision system recognizes individual birds.

Neural networks learned to tell one bird from another, enabling scientists to study their behavior in greater detail. Researchers from universities in Europe and Africa trained eural networks to recognize individual birds with up to 90 percent accuracy.
DeepPrivacy results on a diverse set of images
Mask R-CNN

Anonymous Faces

A number of countries restrict commercial use of personal data without consent unless they’re fully anonymized. A new paper proposes a way to anonymize images of faces, purportedly without degrading their usefulness in applications that rely on face recognition.

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