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Charts showing the status of AI development and investment in the manufacturing industry

AI Progress Report, Manufacturing: Manufacturers embrace AI despite talent and data challenges

Manufacturers are embracing AI even as they struggle to find the talent and data required.
Sequence of industrial machines working

Industrial Strength Language Model: Siemens and Microsoft launch GPT-powered Copilot for manufacturing machinery.

ChatGPT is pitching in on the assembly line. Siemens and Microsoft launched a joint pilot program of a GPT-powered model for controlling manufacturing machinery. German automotive parts manufacturer Schaeffler is testing the system in its factories, as is Siemens itself. 
AI-guided robotic arms crafting, forming and polishing metal

AI Shows Its Metal: How Machina Labs uses AI to automate metal fabrication

Neural networks are predicting how metal will deform under pressure to pilot robots through the tricky process of fabricating aircraft. Machina Labs crafts metal using AI-guided robotic arms.
Some results from a study performed by the market analyst Forrester

What Businesses Want from AI: What Business Managers Want from AI

In a new report, business leaders share their machine-learning successes and struggles. Many businesses plan to increase their use of machine learning, but their efforts so far don’t always yield the results they seek.
App that monitors machinery

If It Ain’t Broke, Fix It: Factories Use AI for Predictive Maintenance

Factories are using AI to warn them when equipment is reaching the breaking point. Services that monitor machinery to predict imminent failure and provide guidance on necessary upkeep are booming, The Wall Street Journal reported.
China's AI ROI: AI May Add $600 Billion to China's Economy by 2030

China's AI ROI: AI May Add $600 Billion to China's Economy by 2030

China’s investment in AI business, infrastructure, and research could pay off big over the next decade.
CB Insights list of 100 notable AI startups

Standout Startups: The Top 100 AI Startups off 2022

AI startups are creating high value across a wide variety of industries. CB Insights, which tracks tech startups, published the latest edition of the AI 100, its annual list of 100 notable AI startups.
Factory workers getting ready to work

Recognizing Workplace Hazards: AI Device Helps Warehouses Avoid Workplace Injuries

A wearable device may help warehouse workers avoid injuries. Modjoul, maker of a system that evaluates risks to people engaged in physical labor, received an undisclosed sum from Amazon as part of a $1 billion investment in technologies that might enhance the retailer giant’s operations.
Semiconductor chip

Chips at Risk: How the chip shortage impacts AI.

The hardware that runs the latest AI systems faces rising uncertainty as models grow larger and more computationally intensive. The U.S. Commerce Department sounded an alarm over bottlenecks in the availability of semiconductor chips.
Wolfram Burgard

Wolfram Burgard: Train robots in the real world

Robots are tremendously useful machines, and I would like to see them applied to every task where they can do some good. Yet we don’t have enough programmers for all this hardware and all these tasks.
Demonstration of Climate AI model working

Getting a Jump on Climate Change: AI Startups Predict the Economic Impacts of Climate Change

Startups are predicting how climate change will affect global commerce. Companies that specialize in climate analytics are training neural networks to help businesses manage risks posed by a warming globe,
Original vs processed image checking for leaks on a compressor

Super-Human Quality Control: AI finds manufacturing flaws better than human inspectors.

A computer vision model, continually trained and automatically updated, can boost quality control in factories. Landing AI, a machine learning platform company led by Andrew Ng, helped a maker of compressors for refrigeration check them for leaks.
Operators working with factory machinery

Who Watches the Welders?: John Deere uses computer vision to ensure quality welding.

A robot inspector is looking over the shoulders of robot welders. Farm equipment maker John Deere described a computer vision system that spots defective joints, helping to ensure that its heavy machinery leaves the production line ready to roll.
United States Capitol

U.S. New Year’s Resolutions for AI: All the AI programs authorized in the 2021 NDAA.

U.S. lawmakers authorized a slew of national programs that promote artificial intelligence research, development, and deployment, and support efforts to make sure the results are ethical and trustworthy.
Mobile robot arm lab assistant working

Scientific Discovery on a Roll: Scientists trained a robot arm to run lab experiments.

A mechanical lab assistant could accelerate chemistry research.What’s new: Researchers at the University of Liverpool trained a mobile robot arm to navigate a lab, operate equipment, handle samples, and obtain results far faster than a human scientist.
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