Jun 12, 2019

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Andrew Ng inside the Blue Origin’s space capsule
Jun 12, 2019

The Batch: Easy Deepfakes, Sustainable AI, Biased Data, Realistic Image Generation

I spoke last week at re:MARS, Amazon's conference focusing on machine learning, automation, robotics, and space. I heard great talks from Jeff Bezos, Kate Darling, Ken Goldberg, Marc Raibert, and others.
Images of household items across the world, their country of origin and a prediction word
Jun 12, 2019

Things Look Different Over There

The most widely used image-recognition systems are better at identifying items from wealthy households than from poor ones.
Class conditional random samples
Jun 12, 2019

Better Than GAN?

Generative adversarial networks can synthesize images to help train computer vision systems. But GANs are compute-hungry and don’t always produce realistic output. Now there’s a more efficient and true-to-life alternative.
Coal-burning power plant
Jun 12, 2019

AI’s Steep Energy Cost

Here’s a conundrum: Deep learning could help address a variety of intractable problems, climate change among them. Yet neural networks can consume gargantuan quantities of energy, potentially dumping large amounts of heat-trapping gas into the atmosphere.
Example of a system to make deepfakes
Jun 12, 2019

Vacation for Videographers

Another week, another way to make deepfakes. A team at Samsung recently proposed a model that generates talking-head videos by imposing facial landmarks over still images. Now a different team offers one that makes an onscreen speaker say anything you can type.

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