Jun 05, 2019

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Drone flying over a blue sky
Jun 05, 2019

Drones Against Climate Change

In self-driving cars, the laser-radar hybrid known as lidar senses surrounding objects to determine the path of a vehicle. In drones, it’s being used to see through forests to evaluate the impact of climate change on the ground.
Mutations in noncoding DNA
Jun 05, 2019

Probing Junk DNA

Deep learning helped geneticists find mutations associated with autism in vast regions of the human genome commonly known as junk DNA.
Chart with reader ratings of human-generated vs GROVER-generated articles
Jun 05, 2019

Fake News Detector

OpenAI hasn't released the full version of its GPT-2 language model, fearing the system would create a dark tide of fake news masquerading as real reporting. Now researchers offer a way to detect such computer-generated fancies.
Hermes, a humanoid robot
Jun 05, 2019

Robots to the Rescue

Humanoid robots are notoriously ungainly, but nimble machines of roughly human size and shape could prove critical in disaster areas, where danger is high but architecture, controls, and tools are designed for homo sapiens. A new control system could help them move more nimbly.
Example of system predicting future person activities and locations in videos
Jun 05, 2019

10-Second Crystal Ball

Automated image recognition raises an ethical challenge: Can we take advantage of this useful technology without impinging on personal privacy and autonomy? That question becomes more acute with new research that uses imagery to predict human actions.
Photo of Andrew Ng and his father
Jun 05, 2019

The Batch: Detecting Fake News, Fighting Climate Change, Seeing Into the Future, Rescue Robots, and More AI News

Healthcare is one of many sectors being transformed by AI. I have a personal interest in it, since my father worked on machine learning for diagnosis of liver diseases almost 40 years ago. It’s thanks partly to this work that I learned about AI from an early age.

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