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Ian Goodfellow
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Ian Goodfellow: A Man, A Plan, A GAN

Brilliant ideas strike at unlikely moments. Ian Goodfellow conceived generative adversarial networks while spitballing programming techniques with friends at a bar. Goodfellow, who views himself as “someone who works on the core technology, not the applications,”...
Illustration of Noam Shazeer
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AI Transformed

Noam Shazeer helped spark the latest NLP revolution. He developed the multi-headed self-attention mechanism described in “Attention Is All You Need,” the 2017 paper that introduced the transformer network.
Eric Topol illustration
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A Visionary Doctor Prescribes AI

Eric Topol is one of the world’s leading advocates for AI in medicine. Below he shares his insights into the fusion of AI and medicine and advice for machine learning engineers who want to get involved.
Zhi-Hua Zhou
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Zhi-Hua Zhou: Fresh Methods, Clear Guidelines

I have three hopes for 2020.
Dawn Song
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Dawn Song: Taking Responsibility for Data

Datasets are critical to AI and machine learning, and they are becoming a key driver of the economy. Collection of sensitive data is increasing rapidly, covering almost every aspect of people’s lives.
Richard Socher
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Richard Socher: Boiling the Information Ocean

Ignorance is a choice in the Internet age. Virtually all of human knowledge is available for the cost of typing a few words into a search box.
David Patterson
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David Patterson: Faster Training and Inference

Billions of dollars invested to create novel AI hardware will bear their early fruit in 2020. Google unleashed a financial avalanche with its tensor processing unit in 2017.
Kai-Fu Lee
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Kai-Fu Lee: AI Everywhere

Artificial intelligence has moved from the age of discovery to the age of implementation. Among our invested portfolios, primarily in China, we see flourishing applications using AI and automation in banking, finance, transportation, logistics, supermarkets, restaurants, warehouses, factories...
Yann LeCun
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Yann LeCun: Learning From Observation

How is it that many people learn to drive a car fairly safely in 20 hours of practice, while current imitation learning algorithms take hundreds of thousands of hours, and reinforcement learning algorithms take millions of hours? Clearly we’re missing something big.
Chelsea Finn
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Chelsea Finn: Robots That Generalize

Many people in the AI community focus on achieving flashy results, like building an agent that can win at Go or Jeopardy. This kind of work is impressive in terms of complexity.
Oren Etzioni
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Oren Etzioni: Tools For Equality

In 2020, I hope the AI community will grapple with issues of fairness in ways that tangibly and directly benefit disadvantaged populations.
Anima Anandkumar
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Anima Anandkumar: The Power of Simulation

We’ve had great success with supervised deep learning on labeled data. Now it’s time to explore other ways to learn: training on unlabeled data, lifelong learning, and especially letting models explore a simulated environment before transferring what they learn to the real world.

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