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Dozens of phones display Meta's apps makeover

Facebook’s Generative Facelift: All about the AI upgrades of Meta's Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram

Meta is rolling out AI-powered upgrades to its social platforms. Meta announced a chat interface, image generator, and celebrity tie-ins for Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. The new capabilities take advantage of LLaMa 2 and an unnamed image generator, presumably CM3leon.
Cellphone showing the Artifact app

All the News That’s Fit to Learn: All about Artifact, the new app from Instagram's founders.

What does an entrepreneur do after co-founding one of the world’s top social networks? Apply the lessons learned to distributing hard news. Kevin Systerom and Mike Krieger, who co-founded Instagram, launched Artifact, an app that uses reinforcement learning to recommend news articles...
House for sale AD

U.S. Acts Against Algorithmic Bias: Meta Removes Bias from its Ad Algorithms

Regulators are forcing Meta (formerly Facebook) to display certain advertisements more evenly across its membership. The United States government compelled Meta to revise its ad-placement system to deliver ads for housing to members regardless of their age, gender, or ethnicity.
Charts showing the impact of Instagram in different topics

The Social Nightmare: Facebook Whistleblower Exposes How Company Harms Users

Scrutiny of Facebook intensified after a whistleblower leaked internal research showing the company has known that its ongoing drive to engage users has harmed individuals and society at large.
Capture of an Instagram post related to drug dealing

Hunting Online Drug Dealers: AI identifies drug dealers on Instagram.

Can machine learning help address the scourge of opioid addiction? A public health researcher developed a neural network that spots sellers of opioids on social media, Recode reported.

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