Imitation Learning

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Dozens of drones coordinating movements
Imitation Learning

Drones of a Feather: Caltech researchers publish work on drone swarms.

Deep learning is coordinating drones so they can flock together without colliding. Caltech researchers Soon-Jo Chung and Yisong Yue developed a pair of models that enables swarms of networked drones to navigate autonomously through cluttered environments.
Drone following a person riding an ATV
Imitation Learning

Imitation Learning in the Wild: How a drone's obstacle avoidance system works

Faster than a speeding skateboard! Able to dodge tall trees while chasing a dirt bike! It’s … an upgrade in the making from an innovative drone maker.
Yann LeCun
Imitation Learning

Yann LeCun — Learning From Observation: The power of self-supervised learning

How is it that many people learn to drive a car fairly safely in 20 hours of practice, while current imitation learning algorithms take hundreds of thousands of hours, and reinforcement learning algorithms take millions of hours? Clearly we’re missing something big.

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