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General Artificial Intelligence

One Model Does It All: Multi-task AI models got more sophisticated in 2022.

Individual deep learning models proved their mettle in hundreds of tasks. The scope of multi-task models expanded dramatically in the past year.
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General Artificial Intelligence

The Black Box Awakens: Confronting the Fear of Self-Aware AI in 2022

AI researchers are starting to see ghosts in their machines. Are they hallucinations, or does a dawning consciousness haunt the trained weights?
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General Artificial Intelligence

Regulating AI in Undefined Terms: Experts Debate Definitions in European Union’s AI Act

A proposed European Union law that seeks to control AI is raising questions about what kinds of systems it would regulate. Experts at a roundtable staged by the Center for Data Innovation debated the implications of limitations in the EU’s forthcoming Artificial Intelligence Act.
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General Artificial Intelligence

LaMDA Comes Alive?: Google Engineer Says LaMDA AI is Sentient

A chatbot persuaded at least one person that it has feelings. A senior engineer at Google announced his belief that the company’s latest conversational language model is sentient.
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General Artificial Intelligence

U.S. Adults Fail AI 101

Most Americans don’t understand AI, according to a new survey. Only 16 percent of adults in the United States got a passing grade on a true-or-false questionnaire of AI’s capabilities and uses.
Graphs showing information about AI system as the inventor of a food container with unique properties
General Artificial Intelligence

Invented By AI: South Africa awards a patent to an AI inventor.

An algorithm received a patent for its invention. What’s new: South Africa’s intellectual property office issued a patent that names an AI system as the inventor of a food container.
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General Artificial Intelligence

Horsepower for Next-Gen Networks: Microsoft built OpenAI a custom AI supercomputer.

The for-profit research organization OpenAI has a new supercomputer to help achieve its dream of building the world’s most sophisticated AI. Microsoft engineered the new hardware network to train immense models on thousands of images, texts, and videos simultaneously.
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General Artificial Intelligence

OpenAI Under Fire: Critics claim OpenAI lost its founding ideals.

An icon of idealism in AI stands accused of letting its ambition eclipse its principles. Founded in 2015 to develop artificial general intelligence for the good of humankind, OpenAI swapped its ideals for cash.
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General Artificial Intelligence

AI Goes Rogue

Could humanity be destroyed by its own creation? If binary code running on a computer awakens into sentience, it will be able to think better than humans. It may even be able to improve its own software and hardware.

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