Feb 23, 2022

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Representation of the components of our controller design architecture
Feb 23, 2022

High-Energy Deep Learning

Nuclear fusion technology, long touted as an unlimited source of safe, clean energy, took a step toward reality with a machine learning algorithm that molds the fuel in a reactor’s core.
3 min read
Doves flying over barbed wire
Feb 23, 2022

The Batch: AI For Unlimited Clean Energy, Stopping Robocalls, Reading Analog Meters, Choosing a Fine-Tuning Algorithm

Russian troops have invaded Ukraine, and the terrifying prospect of a war in Europe weighs on my mind. My heart goes out to all the civilians affected, and I hope we won’t see the loss of life, liberty, or property that many people fear.
11 min read
Industrial gauges being placed
Feb 23, 2022

Remote Meter Reader

Industrial gauges are often located on rooftops, underground, or in tight spaces — but they’re not out of reach of computer vision. The Okinawa startup LiLz Gauge provides a system that reads analog gauges and reports their output to a remote dashboard.
1 min read
RobocallGuard system architecture
Feb 23, 2022

Scam Definitely

Robocalls slip through smartphone spam filters, but a new generation of deep learning tools promises to tighten the net. Research proposed fresh approaches to thwarting robocalls. Such innovations soon could be deployed in apps.
2 min read
Illustration of how different data split strategies partition the labelled data
Feb 23, 2022

Fine-Tune Your Fine-Tuning

Let’s say you have a pretrained language model and a small amount of data to fine-tune it to answer yes-or-no questions. Should you fine-tune it to classify yes/no or to fill in missing words — both viable approaches that are likely to yield different results?
3 min read

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