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China Restricts Face Recognition: China's internet watchdog unveiled draft rules on face recognition.
Face Recognition

China Restricts Face Recognition: China's internet watchdog unveiled draft rules on face recognition.

China’s internet watchdog proposed sweeping limitations on face recognition — with significant exceptions.
Madison Square Garden subway station sign
Face Recognition

Looking for Enemies: Concert venues use face recognition to block enemies.

A major company is using face recognition to settle scores. MSG Entertainment, which operates large entertainment venues in several cities in the United States, used face recognition to block its perceived enemies from attending events...
An animation shows an AI-powered system called From Numbers to Names, which identifies Holocaust victims in photographs.
Face Recognition

Identifying Faces of History: From Numbers to Names Uses AI to Identify Holocaust Victims

From Numbers to Names matches individuals to faces in publicly available images related to the genocide of European Jews between 1941 and 1945.
Clearview.AI search engine working
Face Recognition

Seeing Through the Fog of War: How Clearview AI is Being Used in the 2022 Ukraine War

Face recognition is identifying people who have been killed, displaced, or recorded perpetrating alleged war crimes in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Clearview AI made its face recognition system freely available to the Ukrainian government.
Graphs showing how app Face2Gene works
Face Recognition

The Many Faces of Genetic Illness: Face recognition identifies childhood genetic diseases.

People with certain genetic disorders share common facial features. Doctors are using computer vision to identify such syndromes in children so they can get early treatment.
Fake face diagram - FaceSynthetics
Face Recognition

Fake Faces Are Good Training Data: Synthetic data improves face recognition performance.

Collecting and annotating a dataset of facial portraits is a big job. New research shows that synthetic data can work just as well.
Questionnaire for evaluating AI system vendors
Face Recognition

Standards for Hiring Algorithms: Met, Walmart, and more agree to hiring algorithm standards.

Some of the world’s largest corporations will use standardized criteria to evaluate AI systems that influence hiring and other personnel decisions.
Excerpts from a true-or-false questionnaire related to AI
Face Recognition

U.S. Adults Fail AI 101

Most Americans don’t understand AI, according to a new survey. Only 16 percent of adults in the United States got a passing grade on a true-or-false questionnaire of AI’s capabilities and uses.
Giant snowman taking over the city while helicopters try to take it down
Face Recognition

Governments Lay Down the Law: Governments around the world increasingly regulate AI.

Legislators worldwide wrote new laws — some proposed, some enacted — to rein in societal impacts of automation.What happened: Authorities at all levels ratcheted up regulatory pressure as
Customs and immigration kiosks for entering South Korea.
Face Recognition

When Officials Share Personal Data: South Korea Supplied Foreigner Data to Face Recognition Developers

The government of South Korea is supplying personal data to developers of face recognition algorithms.
Face recognition system working on a person entering a building
Face Recognition

Who Has the Best Face Recognition? U.S. Government Agency Ranks the Best Face Recognition Systems

Face recognition algorithms have come under scrutiny for misidentifying individuals. A U.S. government agency tested over 1,000 of them to see which are the most reliable.
Illustration showing a kid being followed during Trick-or-treating
Face Recognition

Democracies Embrace Surveillance: AI Increasingly Spies on Citizens of Western Democracies

What if AI-enabled monitoring isn’t just for dictators and despots?The fear: Under the pretext of maintaining law and order, even countries founded on a commitment to individual rights allow police to take advantage of smart-city infrastructure and smart-home devices.
A group of bats throwing missiles from the night sky
Face Recognition

Killer Robots Are Here: Are AI-Powered Weapons the Future of Warfare?

War is already bad enough. What happens when human combatants are replaced by machines?

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