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GPU Data Centers Strain Grid Power: AI's electricity demands spur an expansion of power sources.

GPU Data Centers Strain Grid Power: AI's electricity demands spur an expansion of power sources.

The AI boom is taxing power grids and pushing builders of data centers to rethink their sources of electricity.
Diagram of AI cooling process on large data centers

Energy-Efficient Cooling: Google's DeepMind algorithms dramatically boost energy efficiency in commercial buildings.

A reinforcement learning model maintains cooler temperatures in large data centers and other buildings.
Chart showing the mine supply, recycling and supply gap of different minerals' production from 2025 to 2050

Digging for Green Tech: How KoBold Metals uses AI to find rare minerals

The metals needed to meet rocketing demand for electric cars and renewable power plants are in short supply. A startup is using machine learning to discover new sources.
Different videoclips showing windmills

Wind in the Forecast: AI Tool Predicts Wind Turbine Energy Output

Machine learning is making wind power more predictable. Engie SA, a multinational energy utility based in France, is the first customer for an AI-powered tool from Google that predicts the energy output of wind farms.
Representation of the components of our controller design architecture

High-Energy Deep Learning: Machine learning helps stabilize nuclear fusion.

Nuclear fusion technology, long touted as an unlimited source of safe, clean energy, took a step toward reality with a machine learning algorithm that molds the fuel in a reactor’s core.
Series of images showing some of the findings of the new study by researchers at Stanford’s Human AI Institute

Weak Foundations Make Weak Models: Foundation AI Models Pass Flaws to Fine-Tuned Variants

A new study examines a major strain of recent research: huge models pretrained on immense quantities of uncurated, unlabeled data and then fine-tuned on a smaller, curated corpus.
Information and components of a battery

Getting a Charge From AI: How battery developers are using AI

Machine learning is helping to design energy cells that charge faster and last longer. Battery developers are using ML algorithms to devise new chemicals, components, and charging techniques faster than traditional techniques allow.
Africa map and location sign with letters AI over it

AI in Regions Rich and Poor: How companies in Africa and the Middle East use AI

Companies in Africa and the Middle East are building AI capacity in very different ways, a new study found. AI is growing fast in both regions despite shortages of talent and data.
Pumpjacks extracting oil during sunset

Do Oil and Algorithms Mix?: Amazon, Google, and Microsoft built AI tools for big oil.

Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are developing machine learning tools for the fossil fuel industry even as they pledge to limit greenhouse gas emissions.
Capture of the report on trends in machine learning from market analyst CB Insights

Business Pushes the Envelope: The trends shaping AI in 2020

The business world continues to shape deep learning’s future. Commerce is pushing AI toward more efficient consumption of data, energy, and labor, according to a report on trends in machine learning from market analyst CB Insights.
Solar panels

Solar Power Heats Up: How solar thermal plants use AI to maximize energy output

Solar-thermal power plants concentrate the sun’s energy using huge arrays of mirrors. AI is helping those arrays stay in focus.

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